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Borgore, less commonly known as Asaf Borger, אסף בורגר) is a reasonably fuckable jew dubstep artist who makes shitty tunes about how awesome he is, high life and his imaginary bedroom exploits. His fb feed is full of his drug-induced batshit insane rambling on topics ranging from partying hard to philosophy. Born in a manger in Israel after being rejected by headbangers in his trv black metal band Shabira he decided that the Wiggers get way more pussy. Borgore stated in an interview that his stage-name is a mixture of both his birth surname Borger, and the word "gore", thus making Borgore. Unlike other artists his songs manage to deliver a message. The man himself was found by our experts to be equal parts nigger and fail. He takes his fans very seriously and often suffers Troll's remorse, thus can be easily trolled. Pretending to be butthurt will produce a lenghty explanation why he didn't want to offend you.



On love, Hypnotoad and relaxation techniques


Social networking's a zoo and I'm playing the vet’s role

Cause 12 year old apes think they can go gangster on my wall


—Borgore, being an ITG.


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