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Borscht is a vegetable soup from Ukraine, usually including beetroots which give it a strong red color. However other, non-beet varieties exist, such as the tomato paste-based orange borscht and the sorrel-based green borscht.

Oh, and by the way, it tastes fucking awesome as far you do not question the methods used to make this thing, which traditionally requires the mastication and the regurgitation of the ingredients and tomatoes.

Borscht is a somewhat infrequent meme on 4chan /b/, used mostly by newfags and weeaboos and is widely opposed by the anti-skub. However, oldfags, along with longcat, have begun to take up this meme in order to appear as a newfag, for undisclosed reasons. Pedobear, on occasion, will use borscht as lolibait. The effectiveness thereof is unknown. The utilization of the meme itself varies considerably, based upon the faggotry involved. Some /b/tards tend to use borscht as a substitute for tits in the common request for a supposed female internet user to post tits, or GTFO. More recent usage of the meme includes such newfaggotry as:

  • Needs moar borscht.
  • Looks like (current subject of thread) could use some borscht. Has anon got any borscht?
  • Yuki likes her his borscht, shouldn't you?

Coincidentally, borscht is in fact nothing like spring rolls due mostly to the vast diversity in ingredients and preparation style. However, most Ukrainians prefer borscht to spring rolls for the delicious hate-like flavor found to be lacking in most varieties of spring roll sushi. In opposition to this, however, there is a large portion of regressive party farmers who find the spring roll to be superior on the grounds of flavor and the word "spring" which reminds them of their beloved genitalia. Most scholars, however, are still undecided on the grounds of which is truly superior. 'The jury is out' so to speak.

Borscht is also the center of flamewars regarding where it came from. Some say Ukraine, some say Russia, but it's actually a eastern European/Jewish dish.


The only known repercussion of this meme.

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