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Even the first title in the series proves to look awful. At least the players know what they're getting themselves into by playing possibly the WORST platformer to ever be created.

Bradleh Daw Gaim, or in proper fucking English, Bradley the Game, is the result of bad grammar, extreme fail, MS Paint, autism, shit, Touhou, and a pinch of subtle weeabooism put in a blender and then forced into the mouths of the players. Yes, it's that bad.

It's sad to know, but worth mentioning that sequels are being made.


It's shit.

You're a 13-year-old boy who smoked magic mushrooms, and fell down a 200 foot hole, where he was in the sewers and surrounded by sandniggers that are trying to rape you by shooting cum at your face out of their big black cocks. He finds Obama and they have sex, but it's not really Obama, it's a trap. Then he meets this furfag nobody really cares about and they fuck while they're both having gay orgasms over a pizza imported from China with dried cum sprinkled on it and then the furfag explodes into blood. Then you an hero by eating the pizza and Mitt Romney and his 2 wimminz jump out and steal it. You chase them and have a disgusting furfag orgy, later an old man joins in and he brings you back to his place where more sandniggers join the orgy. Then you go home, covered in a layer of crusty cum. As you can see this is the gayest fucking game ever made. The sick fuck who made this shouldn't even be on this planet.

Also the sick fucks at JChrome Studios who made this terrible game recorded thier masterbation sessions as soundtrack. Anyone who actually enjoys this pile of steaming shit is just as much of a mentally deranged furfag as the asshats who made this game. The reason this game is so unfunny is because the creator is such a lonely disgusting depressing retard that they actually think that their warped concept of "humor" presented by this games poorly written "satirical" dialogue is funny. Basically this game is what would happen if Chris-Chan learned to program.

Someone actually wasted their time doing this.


Bradleh Daw Gaim 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yes, it happened. A sequel to Bradleh Daw Gaim was released an entire 2 years after it should have been finished because Jordan, the creator of the series, was too busy fapping to yiff to finish what he started. It's just as bad as the first game, with reused textures and even more glitches and broken gameplay.

What's worse is a third game is already in the works, and we're waiting to see whether or not Jordan will stop being such a furry bastard and finish it.


It fucking sucks.

The game's soundtrack is the most repulsive thing a human could ever torture their ears with. It was composed using a half-dead, dyslexic fuckboi spouting shit into a gaming microphone with the promise of free candy from his it's caretakers afterwards. Listening to it may cause Tinnitus, severe infections of the inner ear, feeling lightheaded, nausea, Labyrinthitis, and possibly death. Listen at your own risk:

Pretty much the audio equivalent to Pain Series.


Some faggot who was completely fucking insane wasted his time compiling an entire OST for this shit, and more than likely ended up in a psychiatric hospital after his parents discovered him putting this together:


Typical realistic "foekid" art.

As if the game itself wasn't horrible enough, the "fans" make the game drastically worse. Believe it or not, fans of this game DO exist. Just kidding. All the fans are probably just alts made by the developers to fill the void caused by their apparent lack of friends.

They give spoilers for upcoming games in the series, and draw horrendous porn that is just as bad as the game's official art. It's almost as bad DeviantArt, which on its own says a lot. They even drew a backwards dick fucking itself.


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