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Braeburned (born December 22, 1993, age 21, lives in South Dakota, USA, is a gay brony with a face like a sockpuppet that was sat on by a ham planet who draws assloads of gay horse porn to cope with the idea that he'll never even be able to fill any of his openings with a plug of the pure horsecock he oh so desires. Like any Brony artist, his cage is being rattled hard by the cold vice-like embrace of autism and he will die a virgin to fulfill his destiny of joining the harem of a proud jihadist.

This fanboy of Braeburned on the left clops to his gay stallion porn every night.

Is he really mariotehplumber?


Could he really be his twin brother? Was he in part of the amiibo scalping with him? Did he loan $40,000 from the money he made for drawing all of those horse cocks to his brother to buy all of these amiibos? Was he masturbating to one of the male characters (mostly the Pokemon amiibos) while no one was looking? It's unknown since Braeburned wouldn't even do similar shit like Mariotehplumber does such as destroying Crash Bandicoot and that he's a pony yaoi (he actually does draw pony hentai despite he's a homo) fag and somewhat a deviantART freak.

His Evil arch enemy, MonkeyGameGuides! (Maybe?)

Trust me. This was actually from a fake MonkeyGameGuides Tumblr account.

It was rumored that MonkeyGameGuides had a Tumblr (possiblyfake since he never mentions bronies when talking about killing every single furfag) that was sadly deactivated. Don't believe it? Noble trolls managed to obtain that edited pic he did of that Saddle Up cover that you saw. Still skeptical? Here are some of the remaining pieces from the account. Be warned, gentle reader, this will scar you! Sorta like looking at Drawn Sex porn and then being blind for a week after what you saw.


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