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The term brainwashing (also known as mind control) is a way of getting stupid fucks to do or think what you want through the systematic use of manipulative methods.

Theories of brainwashing and of mind control were originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to have huge success in systematically turning prisoners of war into armies of unquestioning minions using propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later modified to explain a wider range of phenomena, such as how religion works. Both the American Psychological Association and American Sociological Association have found no scientific merit in such theories, effectively brainwashing people into believing that brainwashing doesn't exist.

Who The Fuck Started This Shit?

Brainwashing was developed in the early 1950's by China (proof that China was trying to make people retarded) long before they started coating children's toys in lead.

This was used to explain why so many American GIs defected to the enemy side after becoming POWs when really it was just all the massages with happy endings. Feels good man.

Nowadays, the term is thrown around more than a child in a sweatshop, as everybody and their sisters calls each other "brainwashed".

Brainwashing And Religion a Match Made in Heaven

A Cult leader attempting to brainwash a helpless victim(not shown)

In the 1960s an increasing number of American youths started to come into contact with new religious movements, in some cases they broke contact with their loved ones and became an heros. In the 1970s the anti-cult movement applied mind control theories to explain these sudden and seemingly dramatic religious conversions. Psychologists sympathetic to the anti-cult movement, developed more sophisticated models of brainwashing. In the years that followed, brainwashing controversies developed between Religonists, various academic researchers, and the anti-cult movement.

How Do I Brainwash?

The most fun way to brainwash someone is a combination of suggestive repetition and torture. For example; Subjecting someone to an electric shock and forcing them to stare at disturbing imagery while repeating over and over "I am your master, you will serve me" will eventually cause a psychotic break, causing their reality to become dependent on serving you, their master.

Brainwashing and the Media

If Fox News can do it, so can you! In days of television (before the internets were created), a band of genius Jews realized that there are plenty of stupid people will believe anything they're told! Like clockwork, stupid people were tricked into whining about pissy little things like Sandy Hook. This also acts as a political influence, as soon candidates for office realized that people care more about pretty explosions and scary words than tl;dr speeches. Because of this, too fucking many campaign ads are played during election seasons.

An entire branch of study is dedicated to this tactic. Some call it "marketing". Some call it an "excuse to put boobs in a show that nobody would otherwise give a shit about". Good examples of this include tricking autists into liking a show for little girls because it looks so kawaii, gay commercials that order you to buy stupid shit that will no doubt only be remembered when stray cum lands on it, and support for the homosexual agenda.

However, this is soon to be an outdated concern, as it's not like the internet ever has anything to brainwash, right?

Doing it right

Brainwashing Teh Internetz Yo!

Examples of Brainwashing on teh internetz:

Brainwashing IRL

Examples of brainwashing IRL:

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