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Giving girls a high standard to live up to.
The standard intellect of a Bratz fan is no match for the common pedophile.

Bratz (moar liek Slutz, amirite?) are a set of dolls made by Mattel to transform young girls into prostitutes. While it may have been the cool thing last year to raep little girls, Bratz is trying to convince pedophiles everywhere that Bratz Babyz should be the new targets. Infiltration of the Bratz lair has been deemed impossible, as only those with "secret necklaces" may enter it. In order to obtain this necklace, the infiltrator must first purchase a Bratz doll, which comes with a surprise.

How we can stop them?

So why should we care about these dolls? It's simple: according to statistics and observations of toy stores, over 9000 little girls will soon own a Bratz doll, meaning that we will soon no longer be able to fap to pr0n or webcams because all girls will be hoarded into vans and raped by pedophiles spreading AIDS everywhere. Anyone brave enough to go one on one against the purple flashlight in the smelly brown cave will be awarded with a salute of at least 100 barrel rolls.

Bratz manufacturer MGA Entertainment was recently sued by Mattel because Bratz creator Carter Bryant violated an exclusivity contract by designing the dolls while he was a Mattel employee. Mattel has since won $100M from MGA and all rights to the toy line in federal court. The addition of the Bratz line to Mattel's assets is akin to an otherwise respectable landlord's acquisition of a popular brothel populated entirely by whores from rich, sheltered families.

Legal CP!?

This shitfest has now been turned into a movie. Below is a clip to the Bratz Babyz movie which shows scenes of babyz taking a shit and being bathed. Also, while picking up her pet, the girl with the black hair rubs her cat up and down her pussy. ED scientists have not yet determined if this is CP.



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