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Brazilian Anonymous culture: Main article55chanBrchanPTchan
Three mascots of two main Brazilian boards: 55chan and BRchan

Brazilian anonymous culture - culture of Brazilian AIBs, the main sites of which now are the imageboard 55ch and memewiki Wikinet. Some Brazilian chans (BRchan and it's design successors) are objectively the most beautiful boards in the world.


Day and night on 55chan
Moar info: 55chan.

The chan was created by the so-called K (Conrad Skorsiapino) on 18 May 2007. It consists 50 boards. In the same time there was also Brazilian section on AnonIB - BRchan but 55chan became the first Brazilian independent board. In the first welcoming post from founder was mention the fact that the aim of board's existimg is to create a community without persons vying for attention. All sections except /b/ had more or less strict moderation.

In 2010, when 55chan community found one butthurtfull article (55chan anon called himself "anões" - "dwarves"/, ironicing the similarity of the word with the word "anones") began the hating of it's author . The article, among other things defined the motherland of the most popular brzsilian memes one famous gameforum, but not boards, including 55chan. Desbite the fact of our solidarity with our Brailian bros, it is the purest truth. However, butthurt was not because of it. The fact was that the author had violated the basic rule - "Never say about /b/". And 55chan's cancer, who was afraid that much more hardcore cancer would come on the board, began to act. There were telephone pranks, death threats and DDoS of the news sites with references on 55chan . All these of course made ​​55chan even more famous and it saw more people.

For a long time 55chan was not with us, and after the death BRchan it resurrect slightly modified here.


Moar info: Brchan.
A hopeful future

There was once a board with the name Brchan which was hosted by AnonIB. But people got tired of sitting on that board, and one of thousands decided to create his own imageboard site at the end of 2007. BRchan is one of those chans where high amounts of cancer concentrate, where 90% of communication takes place in / b /. Legion as well as on 55chan calls himself Anões.

In the early days on BRchan consisted mainly of those who had been banned from 55chan. But after the death of 55chan, the rate of activity on BRchan became higher. Nowdays BRchan is known not only in the Brazilian internet, but throughout the whole world. Widely-known mainly two things: maskot Kuruminha (for obvious reasons) and an international board that delivers by huehue-faces instead of flags.

Nowdays it is dead due to WTF???

Small boards


1500chan -

77chan -

55chan -

PTchan (PTchan) - Portugalian board.

Xchan -


Dotchan - small board, which took place in free hosting. It is said that tripfags killed it.




Megalichan - chan, which is orienred on women who are tired of pretending that they are men in conventional chans, and wouldn't be asked. As a consequence, also full of trolls who pretend to be women and lesbians. Subject is centered around men, porn, fashion, porn, food porn, gossip and porn. It created its own Mascot, but it terribly annoying anons of other boards as they are guys, and Mascot don't show her tits to the screen or accidentally pose for pantsu-schot.

73чан - лого.png was founded after the death of 55chan for those who couldn't tolerate BRchan's cancer. It had two mascots: 73-chan and hen. Dlogan of the board was "A cloaca da Internet brasileira" ("The cloaca of the Brazilian Internet").


This place is known as origin of many silly menes for 13-year old traps. VT means "vale tudo", perhaps it is section for general discussion.




Epic win of 55chan that is spread on the internets from there. The main picture is the face of smiling dog. In English-speaking Internets is considered that the picture appeared on 55chan, but actually it comes from Russian LJ, where it emerges in this photo report (see the last photos).


Animated version of comics with pronunciation

Brazilian-Portuguese imitation of laughing. In the Internets also is associated with laughter or retarded gamefags and btards. In addition, national Brazilian comics-face is also called huehuehue. It comes from comics about how Brazilians are gradually occupying MMORPGs. Comics is extraordinarily funny but much more delivers face, which became popular at the imageboards and has many realizations in OC, and today is the basic embodiment of Brazil in internets.


Brazilian variation of chan-currancy meme.



Wikinet - A Brazilian internet encyclopedia of lulz. Initially it was only a Portuguese translation of ED. It was established on May 21, 2010. Logotipe is a combination of logos of Wikipedia and Internet Explorer. For a chanosphere with such level of development as Brazilian, Wikinet has incredibly low popularity.

Internal welcoming is here

Text Art

      ___                       ___                       ___           ___                   
     /\  \                     /|  |                     /\  \         /\__\                  
    _\:\  \       ___         |:|  |        ___          \:\  \       /:/ _/_         ___     
   /\ \:\  \     /\__\        |:|  |       /\__\          \:\  \     /:/ /\__\       /\__\    
  _\:\ \:\  \   /:/__/      __|:|  |      /:/__/      _____\:\  \   /:/ /:/ _/_     /:/  /    
 /\ \:\ \:\__\ /::\  \     /\ |:|__|____ /::\  \     /::::::::\__\ /:/_/:/ /\__\   /:/__/     
 \:\ \:\/:/  / \/\:\  \__  \:\/:::::/__/ \/\:\  \__  \:\~~\~~\/__/ \:\/:/ /:/  /  /::\  \     
  \:\ \::/  /   ~~\:\/\__\  \::/~~/~      ~~\:\/\__\  \:\  \        \::/_/:/  /  /:/\:\  \    
   \:\/:/  /       \::/  /   \:\~~\          \::/  /   \:\  \        \:\/:/  /   \/__\:\  \   
    \::/  /        /:/  /     \:\__\         /:/  /     \:\__\        \::/  /         \:\__\  
     \/__/         \/__/       \/__/         \/__/       \/__/         \/__/           \/__/  


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