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Motto Disorder and Regret
Foundation 2006
Administrator R., W.
Major Boards /b/, /jo/, /am/
BRCHAN: The Brazilian social network.

BRCHAN is a Brazilian imageboard. All users live in a forest and eat bananas all day. All of the users are faggots and they like some forced memes, like dogola (It's like Milhouse for 4chanfags). Unlike the old death 55chan, there's a lot more of faggotry on BRchan, since there's /g/, /cd/ and /tr/ gay boards and on /b/, 8 of 10 threads are about traps or twinks. BRchan was created by a faggot who refused to use his real name to not let his mom disappointed, so he indentify himself as "R.", which means retard. 80% of the users came from 55chan, that's why BRchan is full of shit today.


BRchan started on AnonIB, but moved to .org because they could not stand the slowness of the server and the number of spam posts anymore. At the time the owners, TiagoR² and Cogumetal, were planning to create a *chan with a registered domain and a server of its' own, but they never did that, so R did something that the moderation didn't: organized to build the first Brazilian .org chan.

There were about three anons along with R, DenyYourMake, Fabretti and others that just gave ideas but did nothing. With everything planned, R registered the domain and asked for help on AnonIB to the anons who were interested in it. Then came Zoucas, who identified himself as the creator of Pedomico and some OCs of AnonIB. Together they finally contracted a server, with Hostmonster. Too bad they didn't read the terms of service of the host.

In the same time, they went to pseudo-war with the AnonIB's BRchan, especially with Cogumetal, spreading pics and stuff about his life. With all this war, came 55chan, dot started to force himself there and the cancer began to emerge. BRchan was closed due the terms of service of Hostmonster and, discouraged, they stagnated the project.

Indeed, 55chan became the main Brazilian imageboard, but they still felt that it was missing something, many things on 55chan were unlike of what they expect to be a Brazilian imageboard, so they doesn't give up on BRchan.

With the return, they decided to expand the moderation, so they get people self-proclaimed with "experience". They called dot, because he was an ex-moderator of 55chan, Cogumetal and Goldensox, former moderators of AnonIB's BRchan. Then came Menark, an anon who tried to buy 55chan, all his interest to help contributed with the beginning. However, the moderation broke up because dot started to attention whore.

With extensive raids, even more when they created a flood script, they started from 0. Jéssica (a fat attention whore) was in the moderation along with some friends, but she started to delete posts talking about her, so they decided to remove her from the moderation.


Fappable maskot of BRchan, a kawaii indian girl from Amazon forests. So popular that she has many OC art with mascots of other Brazilian *chans and other boards in the world. For example with Favelito and Nullcat.

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