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Police.gif This article subject is a sissy bitch exhibitionist who pleasures himself anally to public humiliation and ridicule.

Pink panties
Brian Jansen aka Panty Boy

Panty Boy aka Someoneyoudontknow is an internet forum user who dares women to kick him in the balls and claims women are wimps and cowards, yet he wears women's pink panties, has a tiny penis, and dances to girly pop music.

He won't admit it now but he has admitted in the past that he is scared of women in general.


Who is Panty Boy?

His name is Brian Jansen and he's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Currently) He's 37 years old, and his manner of passing the time consists of trolling the internet, and asking women if they have the guts, to kick him in the nuts.

Brian (A.K.A. "Panty Boy") creates user accounts on all manner of social networking sites, in which one can post polls or questions (Craig's List, Sodahead, Yahoo! Answers, etc.)asking women if they have the courage to kick him in his testicles. He also makes extremely sexist comments in his posts, making it apparent that he does, in fact, live alone. He frequents these sites under the same username, but with a slight variation, as most of them get banned due to the content that they produce. His most popular username is, "Someoneyoudontknow" but his alternative name is (and always resembles), "Nooneuknow".

The titles for the questions are all the same, just in different context, "Did you know that women are wimps?", "HOW is it possible that women are such wimps?", "This is a challenge to ANY women!", "Is this true about all women?", "Are you up to the challenge?", "Why is it that women are cowards?" and, "Do any women over the age of 18 have the guts to kick me in the balls?", "Did you know that I rule the world?", and "Did you know that I am awesome?" Or various other questions about ruling the world and being awesome.

Panty Boy knows where women belong

Brian has been saying quite the amount of vulgar comments since his debut on the internet, all of which don't need to be repeated. He claims that women are wimps, and that they belong in two places; the kitchen, or the bedroom. Despite this, his attempts at disgracing the female populace are actually found to be quite amusing.

He puts the following in the details of his dare, this being a direct quote....

I bet that no women have the guts to kick me in the nuts without feeling bad about it. The same day that happens is the same day I'll put on panties and dance to a Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, or Shakira song. That's how sure I am! You can pick out the song and panties, I don't care!

I'm pretty sure no women can do this because most are too wimpy and would feel guilty about causing me pain."


—Panty Boy

Feel free to reach him on his msn email account at , his Yahoo ID at , on AOL/AIM at , or his Gmail account at

He also has a list of nicknames that the community has given him, all of which, he finds upsetting: Panty Boy, PinDick, Needle Dick, Pinky, Tiny, and Pink Panty Man.

He also dislikes being asked if he'd like to go clothes shopping.


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