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Peppers. Brian Peppers.
Celeb Morph doesn't lie.

iThis Young deformed faggot is a ginger prick internet meme, known mostly for his appearance and that he is a registered sex offender in Ohio. His phone number and address are somewhere out there, which is the cause for people to make faggy videos of them calling him or visiting his apartment which really doesn't matter since HE'S DEAD LULZ.

The Life of Brian

Early Years

Who would've thought?

Brian Peppers was born in Maumee, Ohio (suburb of Toledo) on November 1, 1968. Shortly afterward, the Ugly Truck crashed through a nearby wall and backed over his face several times before grinding to a halt and doing a brake stand. Then a flying ugly zebra took a shit on his face and repeatedly kicked him making him even uglier. His parents were so angry about how he looked that they beat him with an ugly stick in his face over and over. This is one of only two such Ugly Truck breakdowns on record (the other time being when Chin-chan was born). Several weeks after he escaped his mother's rotten, parasite-infested womb, he was dropped from a third-story balcony by Michael Jackson, who had rented him from his mother for a "sleepover" party. This became a widely-known incident, but some good almost came of it. Brian hit the pavement with his face, breaking his facial bones in such a way that he would look normal when he healed. Unfortunately, the Ugly Truck had just gotten out of the shop and was speeding past when this happened. It plowed over Peppers like Tyne Daly galloping naked down the freeway, syphilitic spittle flying from her massive jaws as they scoop up scrap metal and road kill to give her sustenance.

There are rumors that Brian Peppers is, in fact, the love child of Sloth from The Goonies and TsimFuckis, but even those two seemed too ashamed to confirm this.


Brian Peppers immortalized, forever in our hearts

He remained an unfortunate-looking child, and kept looking more unfortunate every day, until he was eventually arrested in 2005 for "Gross Sexual Imposition". The lulziness of his arrest picture was cause for debate on whether it was shopped. Eventually, the urban legend-debunking site snopes confirmed that our wishes and dreams were true and it indeed was real. He was arrested for groping a nurse and sentenced to thirty days in jail and five years probation, which didn't mean much since he was in a retard home anyway.


You may wonder what is so special about Brian Peppers. It is suggested that he was either dropped repeatedly as a child, or suffers from either Apert syndrome or Crouzon's syndrome. However, his appearance is probably due to his skeleton attempting to free itself from his ghastly, syphilis-ridden body before it's too late. Some may also note that he has a certain lump on his forehead that resembles a certain other person's. Brians stunning good looks propelled him to the top of the FHMs sexiest men 2005! The public went mad for the peppers which led to him bedding literally thousands of women, most of which against their will but bedding none the less

His Location

Brian's location is currently unknown 6 feet under the fucking ground, he died on February 7th 2012. Goodnight Sweet Prince


After YTMND and others discovered Brian's mugshot, shoops and other bullshit began proliferating, and sooner or later someone decided that TOW needed a Brian Peppers article. The article, which was about as fail as you would expect, was nominated for deletion SIX TIMES, with the issues growing more and more complicated as time went on. Even once they'd managed to establish Brian's existence, no one was really sure how old a meme has to get before you can put it on Wikipedia, and trolls kept showing up claiming to be members of the Peppers family with inside information. Finally, since everyone was too busy arguing about Brian's article to show him any love, King Jimbo took mercy on the poor unsavory critter and shot it in the head.

The Defenders of Truth over at Wikitruth, feeling that the seriousness of internet business had been insulted by the ILLEGAL removal of a badly-written article about some ugly guy, snatched up the Brian Peppers page and preserved it for posterity, as evidence of Jimbo's dictatorial ways. Sadly, after sometime that site disappeared.

As the article states, Jimbo told the users that they could recreate the article in a year if they still cared by then, but sadly, Brian's fans all forgot about him and he became old meme. Of course, this means that someone could go over to Wikipedia right now and recreate the article if he or she wanted, not that any users are cool enough to do that.


Lol. Grand Prize.
  • Brian won first prize at this year's Ugliest American Awards, as all other contestants were so freaked out by him that they refused to enter the building. The prize — a trip to the local zoo — was exchanged for cash by his parole officer.
  • Brian is the founding member of Brian Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band. He is also its only member.
  • Brian was the stunt-double for Yoda in the most recent Star Wars movies. When someone pointed out that Yoda was completely computer-generated, director Jew admitted that he "just wanted to see the little fucker get hurt."
  • Brian is also the center of an YTMND fad, giving him several pages. Searching by his name returns 3,543 results.[1]
  • Currently working on the Life - Insane Mode achievement.

BPepz Myths

Brian's True Hobby

Brian is actually an avid singer! If only they knew!

Gallery of Bpepz

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