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A previous version of Brian's userpage, before he was informed on how creepy this was.

Bsadowski1 (IRL Powerword Brian Sadowski) was a 20-year-old from Chicago, who, like Bongwarrior, spent all day reverting vandalism and smoking pot instead of getting a job. He is professional dirty supreme sick fuck child rapist & zoophile pervert[1]. Brian is an infamous registered hobo child sex offender TOW administrator. He really enjoyes blocking "vandals" globally. His extreme obsessive compulsive behaviors are what truly distinguish himself from other adminstrators. These include:

  • Never sleeping, seriously he never gets off.
  • Stalking edits on non-Wikimedia wikis.
  • Extreme recent changes patrol on ALL WIKIS (even the ones nobody edits anyway).
  • Pretending he is doctor[2].
  • Spamming other people's facebooks, including his own[3]

He has also been known as a major lolcow, as he attempts to negotiate with long term vandals in every way possible. He has gone as far as to spend days tracking down potential sockpuppets of well known vandals. It should be noted that he has never made any meaningful contributions, rather his account (which has been active since 2004) has done nothing but revert vandalism and sometimes fix spelling errors.



—Bsadowski1, insulting a troubled editor rather than helping him, AS USUAL.

No surprise, he's been doing very little work on WP in recent years. No fun!

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