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Bridget is a character from the Guilty Gear series of fighting games. As the story goes, Bridget's village believes that twins of the same sex are a sign of really bad luck. When they gave birth to twin boys, Bridget's parents did the only reasonable thing: They raised one up as a boy, and forced Bridget to live out his life as a girl.

Now he's a fully-grown 12-year-old bounty hunting male nun with a yo-yo and a robotic teddy bear.

Bridget's fans love to imagine him falling onto hard times, so he became a staple hentai internet ass man. Prized for his innocent appearance and gender confusion, Bridget is usually depicted entirely submissive, which of course gives pedophiles raging boners as it represents the jealous loss or corruption of what they can never regain. He (he, right?) is immensely popular on 4chan, particularly the /b/ board, which is devoted entirely to him being raped by hundreds of furry shitting dicknipples photoshopped with Cockmongler's face. 420chan also showers /b/'s favorite trap with love, devoting an entire board to him. DELETED

By the way you are now gay for Bridget.


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