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Brit/pol/'s Hero
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Smug pepes began appearing during Brexit and have infested the thread

>"great" shitain


Britpol (often "stylized" as Brit/pol/) is a cancerous containment thread on 8chan's /pol/ board where Britfags post their political arguments regarding their country's government. Nobody who is interested in politics ever posts on Brit/pol/. The moderators of the site clearly use it as a containment thread so the rest of /pol/ can be an Alt-right hotspot and focus on conservative questions, such as whether or not The Donald approves Great Britian as an ally, and if so, how much he likes them as an ally. Aside from that, it's mostly just people sharing their opinions that nobody asked for, nor does anyone care about.

Its major feature is its persistance to have a continuous run of threads numbered from 1 to 1,000 as of June 2016. Of course, no one has ever bothered to archive these threads because this is an impossible feat to do on the internet and no one wants to read them anyway. Most of the threads on Brit/pol/ are pure cancer, often infested with tripfags and retarded people trying to get others to think like them. These faggots are often dismissed and/or ignored by the other people on there. Brit/pol/ is not to be confused with threads of the same name found on halfchan, as by virtue of being on halfchan are never read by anyone interested in politics.

As they were "Too Racist For /Pol/™", britpol moved to their own /britpol/ board aroung thead #1251 after much fuckery from the /pol/ mods. SPLENDID ISOLATION.

Owen Jones

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Some unusually competent OC starring the everpopular Owen Jones

The board has been highly successful in trolling left-wing pundits at The Guardian, who are actually desperate for the attention and no doubt appreciate the fuel for their proto-commie bullshit.

Their favorite cosmopolitan liberal pundit is Owen Jones, an 8-year old trapped in a 12-year-old's body. Like all pundits, Jones is a hack who tells his audience half-truths and "just so" stories so they can maintain unaltered opinions despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. This makes his already gullible audience readily trollable.

In the run-up to the EU referendum an anon who is handy with a guitar wrote a charming song calling Jones some naughty names. Jones posted this song in full on his twitter feed because victimhood is currency.This anon will probably end up in prison due to Britain's hate speech laws. FOR THE BANTZ.

European Union

Deciding that there are too many attractive Polish women coming to the UK, Brit/pol/ has adopted a pro-Brexit stance to help increase the number of Indian, Chinese and Nigerian workers coming to pay taxes for their dole.

On the eve of the referendum, Queen Elizabeth II poured a pint of Princess Diana's blood over the Alter of Kek as Prince Philip flayed the house darkie with a cat-o-nine-tails. That is the only explanation that can account for Brexit actually being voted in. It was a jarring experience for most on the board, as they actual held the majority opinion for once. This led to spamming "THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY" and generally embracing the UK's splendid isolation.

Brit/pol/ irl

One fateful day in 2013, Emokiddeh gained recognition for his appearance on Question Time.


Like all articulate minds, Brit/pol/ likes being told what it wants to hear and has an obsession with being moral.

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Immaculate photoshop of Peter Hitchens (left) duelling Roger Scruton representing the battle over who can best carry the moral burden of Brit/pol/. Loser has to try to excuse the degeneracy of white NEETs as the fault of immigration.

As being moral is hard and requires not wanking to cartoon children, they have instead outsourced their moral obligations to hacks such as Peter Hitchens (yes, his brother) and Roger Scruton. Posting images of these two allows them to continue their fascination with Recent Women, getting blowjobs from their mothers, and race-mixing.


Every morning I check to see if Gords has made any videos, immediately downvote them, then watch for 15 seconds. Every time my decision is vindicated.


What can be said about Alexander Gordon Jahans that hasn't already been said about cot death? His balls never dropped, his family life sucks, he comments freely about his micropenis. You'd think that all this would garner some sympathy, but he has instead decided to become a left-wing pundit posting videos 1-2 hours long talking about shit he has no idea about.

On good days, he hides his wank tissues before recording his videos. He owns three t-shirts. He wears them one month at a time.

More can be found about our Lord and Saviour on this page

As of July 21st Gordon's parents have both cut ties with him and decided he's on his own. The mother of his autistic boyfriend is now his only source of money for food and unless brit/pol/ funds his Patreon he will starve.

Gordon has been dumped by his bf and his life is in our hands.

So, Who Posts There?

Tripfags, mainly. There is a common cycle that often accompanies them when they post on this board:

  1. Anon makes around fifty threads, and thinks the people whom they are chatting with are their "friends".
  2. Adopts a trip.
  3. Posts a picture of themselves.
  4. Ends up bullied by everyone for their stupidity.
  5. Comes back as another anon and says "I miss that tripfag".

The common anon is a NEET, probably white or wishes they were, probably stupid but thinks they are smart, always talks about the demise of the white race but has no children and never will.

For some reason, not understood by God, Science, or anyone in the threads, people from outside the UK post in Brit/pol/. They think is is amazing andthey keep fucking going on about how they don't live in the UK. This is the international version of girlposting and results in anon being buttblasted that no one cares that they aren't British.

Brexit #2

Around thread #1250, the mods of /pol/ began acting like total fucking cunts and banned lads for shitposting. Yes, shitposting in brit/pol/ threads. This is like going to the beach and complaining about the sand, or going to Vancouver and complaining about having constant erections.

Still in the post-orgasm afterglow of the Brexit referendum victory, a cry of SPLENDID ISOLATION rang out on the threads and everyone up and left for the other boards like /britpol/ and /brit/. This left /pol/ even more of an Alt-right hugbox where they can debate how many times they would let Trump fuck their wives.

There is the occasion brit/pol/ thread on /pol/, bobbing up and down the catalog for months like a corpse in the ocean. This is one sad prick refusing to accept the world as it is presented to him. He sits there, shouting into an empty room, waiting for things to go back to the way they were.


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