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Background on the Syrian Conflict

Last Thursday about two years ago, a series of revolutions swept across the Middle East that were sparked after a fruit vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi became an hero by self immolating with gasoline after the mayor of a town refused to hear him bitch about how a 45 year old female municipal officer confiscated his electronic scales and kicked over his illegal wheelbarrow fruit stand. Mohamed's last words were "How do you expect me to make a living?" before he set himself on fire in the middle of noonday traffic. Since then, several governments have been toppled, though not much can be said since nothing has been accomplished other than Islamists of various levels of fanaticism and hunger for power have taken over numerous countries in the Middle East. The peaceful revolutions have only allowed moderate Muslims to take over through sheer numbers. The violent revolutions, such as Libya, have created situations that have allowed Al Qaeda affiliated groups to essentially take over. However, Bashar Al-Assad being the benevolent ruler decided that his citizens should have two choices in his country's great political discourse: stay at home in support of Assad or get filled with lead.

Why would the rest of the World care about Syria?

Normally, the rest of the world doesn't give two shits about when minorities kill one another and it matters very little if this genocide happens in South America, Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. So why is Syria's case different despite the fact the country is populated with at least fifty different hues of Muslim Sand Niggers? Well the reason is simple: Syria was interfering with Zionist plans to control the Middle East. Obviously this was a problem and there needed to be a remedy for this obstacle in the Zionist master plan to create a regional empire.

The great irony of this is now there is some credibility to Bashar Al-Assad's claims that there is a foreign conspiracy at work to destroy his country and let it get taken over by the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. However, this revelation doesn't change the fact Bashar Al-Assad deserves nothing less than what happened to Saddam Hussein.

The Hacking

The original post on Pastebin with downloads is still up. It is down.

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Why wasn't this reported in the Mainstream Media

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.


—William Colby former CIA Director, being owned by those of real significance in the major media

Since the war is being fought through proxies such as poorly equipped and trained civilians and well armed Al-Qaeda affiliates whom are backed by Western spy agencies (nothing new here) due to the last time America fought an open war in the region, things didn't go too well. Instead of using American soldiers, it is less expensive and more practical to soften up the Syrian regime using locals and imported jihadists. In order for this war to continue as planned and eventually develop into the next stage of full out occupation, no one of significant power wants you to know what is happening in Syria until after the fact everyone with a brain realizes the whole invasion was built entirely upon bullshit lies and false flag operations.

American Political Fallout

Finally the Republicans have something they can get Obama impeached over. For this to happen requires enough people need to learn about this story, and for the Republicans not to be as tyrannically corrupt as Obama's Democrats. So between you being a lazy sack of shit who only enjoys spamming Desu on 4chan and the last honest politician left Congress, we are going to have to deal with whatever wars the Zionists wish to wage through unscrupulous means to start a conflict with numerous global geopolitical consequences in the oil producing region in the world.



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