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Internet disease minus rotate 90° equals what

Lj-favicon.png broknashleydoll is one of many resident attention whores in the damnportlanders LJ community. She wants you to know that she is important @ the internet because:

"Don't worry babe, I'll make you a star!" About missing Pics
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i look in the mirror
watching the colors mute.
i can no longer see the lines
of blood down my cheeks.
im letting you go,
hesitating before walking away.
my mind still screams
for you
and i no longer listen.

One day "mistress ashley" was feeling lazy and posted a request that various DP members come do housework, and drive her cute ass around in exchange for being "rewarded with food and are welcome to sit around and watch movies with me too." This made many fat and ugly people for whom this scheme would not work quite incensed. Awesome.


Then after the initial lulz in the community, somebody reposted it in the cregzlst "erotic services" section with her e-mail address and pictures from her journal. She was pissed. WIN.

Naughty Boys need to do MY chores! - w4mm - 24

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2007-01-13, 9:12PM PST

Hey boys, Mistress Ashley here. Listen up.
Im looking for people who have nothing better to do then help me get things done. specifically i need people that will do dishes, carry my laundry downstairs, and occassionally lift heavy boxes or something. also looking for people with a car that want to drive me places like the store and help me carry groceries.

you will be rewarded with food and are welcome to sit around and watch movies with me too.

FS/Greek $200/hr

brokenashleydoll at gmail dot com

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