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Bubblegum Husky, powerword Ryan Havens Tannenholz, was your seemingly normal furfag on the surface, however that cute and fuzzy fursona was completely shattered when Ryan was suddenly arrested by Idaho state troopers and charged with six counts of crimes against nature and one count of cruelty to an animal.

Police investigators say the 28 year old basement dwelling manchild had "sexual contact by penetration" with his cat "Einstein" at his parents' house on several occasions between January 2012 and January 2013. The arrest warrant was issued on July 31, 2013 and he was arrested the following day.

Portrait Of Cat Fucker

Ryan is, by all accounts, your typical furry. He considers the interest to be a "lifestyle choice", similar to being born homo, or Jew, or cockless, he believes he's entitled to a fair share of fursecution and victimization in order to use as an excuse to try and justify the fact that he, like all furries, enjoys raping animals for fun and profit.

Like all of his kind he knew the "fur code" well enough: "Keep it boring, while closet scoring!"

That is, feign "normalcy" to the point of going blue in the face every time anyone even mentions the word "bestiality", all the while keeping your true sexual deviancy tightly locked up in the closet at home with your fursuit, general Joe Public never the wiser.

However Ryan just couldn't keep it in the closet and eventually his insatiable love of pussy came slowly leaking out onto the Internet where everyone on the planet could plainly see him for what he really was...a sick fuck, fursuit wearing, fuzzy animal fucker.

This public revelation came in the form of "Bubblegum Husky's Fun Land", a personal page dedicated to sharing his love of fur covered cat snatch...

Welcome everybody to my world! Here I will talk about whatever is on my mind, mainly cats. Have you ever been on the internet and seen one of those cat videos? Bubblegum Husky sure has and man, I'll tell you what, they really get me going! Cats are so furry, soft, plush, and loving. Plus, only Bubblegum Husky can REALLY appreciate how truly great these furry felines truly are. Want some advice? If you enter my contest above, you can easily win $5K.... that's a LOT of catfood!


—Ryan Tannenholz, scam artistry via cat fucking

Furry Reaction

The "furry community" was instantly outraged over the incident, er, that is outraged over the reporting of the incident. It came as little surprise of course that they were more concerned with their own personal endeavors for publicly perceived "normalcy" than they were about animal welfare. Most furs are all for fucking animals of course, just not if you get caught and reported on in the media.

Neurotypical Reaction

Ryan's puny pecker plight.

For norms, neurotypicals and drama fags of course the incident has sparked vicious outrage and frothing hatred, many demanding his balls be forcibly removed or force fucked up the ass by an overly large farm animal...all the while enjoying their "all natural" McDonald's burgers, made with meat patties pressed out in China where adding cat meat and cardboard are regular practices. The earth shattering ironic hypocrisy of course completely lost on them.

Some of the festering hate rage however was quelled when it was pointed out that this man was fucking his cat for a reason. That reason being that he has a malformed little cat sized pecker of a penis only capable of pleasuring a pussy cat. As any hope of ever being able to have normal sex with a real woman was discovered many felt trolls remorse over their buttrage fueled verbal attacks and quickly expressed a level of sympathy for his puny pecker plight.

Furry PRIDE!

File:Bubblegum Husky - 06.png
Ryan explains his lack of "paper training" and ensuing enjoyment of shitting all over himself.

Like all furry animal fuckers, Ryan has an intense pride of his sexual deviancy and failure to interact socially like normal people. To the point of getting custom license plates, sporting a poorly made fur tail dangling out of his hairy ass cheeks and looking like a dead ferret permanently porked on up his pooper, wearing a dog collar with actual animal tags and even going so far as to getting himself admitted to a veterinarian clinic in order to get vaccinated for rabbies as if he was the family pet.

Ryan loves imagining his life as a stupid, fur covered, lesser species designed to bring mankind idle amusement and naked, slave bound companionship. He thinks of his parents more as his owners than the ones who couldn't handle a clothes hanger and often resorted to barking out loud like a dog whenever his parents would try and talk to him or tell him that they were sorry for not aborting him when they had the chance.

Some argue that he intentionally starting fucking the family furballs with the direct intention of getting himself locked up and put behind bars like an actual animal, thereby fulfilling his deepest, darkest, sexually deviant desires. After being imprisoned, he told media that henceforth he should be referred to as "Meoww", except in official legal proceedings and correspondence. His lawyer is expected to file for a court injunction for prison medical staff to provide full-body hair transplants and implantation of a band of penile spines to reinforce his inner species identity at taxpayer expense. According to their statement, withholding this necessary medical treatment would be "tantamount to torture".

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His Artistic Masterpieces

Like all furtards, Ryan enjoys the pursuit of art in order to try and satisfy his sordid sexual desires. Furry art is of course a "gateway" sexual deviancy which eventual gives way to fursuits, plushies and finally animal fucking at its expected conclusion.

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A Peek Into The Life Of A Cat Molester

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