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An example of his masterful work, the "twenty year-old" being butt-raped by Bubs during a physical therapy session
The self portrait used when .

Bubs4696 is a pedophile with a thing for 13 year old boys. He is also a horrible artist who "specializes" in yaoi. Most of his works feature young, retarded looking blonde boys with distorted faces being raped by old men with lumpy cocks. His real name is Brian and he claims to be a "physical theropist" which gives him plenty of opportunity to molest the young and supple athletes who come to him with sports injuries. Bubs will be contacting his e-lawyer over the contents of this article.

His Art

To make things more interesting for those who stumble across his webpage, his art is awful. Some is done in Poser while most is done in MSPaint in brightly scribbled sky blue and baby boy pink. Most of his drawings appear to be of boys in their early to mid teens, though he claims they're in their twenties. This is to get around that pesky shota rule that exists on most places.

A fine example of "Poser" art, complete with expressions of rapturous joy and realistic positioning.

What he looks like

Taken from his profile:

"My Stats? Small, Thin, Lean, Smooth (exercise everyday) I'm 5'7 and 125 lbs. Dirty-Blond hair, hazel eyes. And yes, I am a male"

Like most of the faggots on Y!Gallery he pretends to be a really hot guy, which there are tons of on To Catch a Predator.

His site activities

Bubs generically comments with the same fucking thing over and over, including lots of heart emoticons, adding something that he likes to his favorites, and adding whatever user to his watch/friends list. Many people do not reply, scared due to the fact that his avatar happens to be art of a bleach-blonde boy with Downs Syndrome called "david", who is his "favorite character". With the dull, stupid face, unibrow, and the eyes that look right through you, it is guaranteed to make anyone pee themselves.


His watch/friends list is usually over 9000 people long. If anyone draws a picture of anyone under 20 (please note, pictures, no fanfiction), then it is INSTANTLY faved, regardless of quality, fandom, etc. The person will also receive a mind numbingly bland comment.

Bubs and Children

Shotacat approves of Bubs methods!

His main home is Y!Gallery, where he seems to have a homing beacon that attracts him to the galleries of people under the age of eighteen. He then proceeds to cover their crap arts with inane comments such as "Good job, welcome to the galleries!" He promptly watches these people who are later suspended for being under 18 as y!gallery is an adult only site. No surprise, this has apparently ticked off the Moderators, who have repeatedly warned Bubs4696 about this and have even suspended him for harboring underage users.

After much hand holding by the mod staff he still doesn't get it and continues to fave and comment upon art that was clearly drawn by someone closer to thirteen rather than eighteen.

Bubs and Art Theft

Bubs loves Art Theft, because they "draw" much better than he does. The following comments were taken off pictures that were later deleted for being stolen.

"Great art work!"

"Awesome picture, love the style!"


"Good first pic! Welcome to the galleries!"

Other Acts of Stupidity

Bubs short lived conversation with MangacatReturns

When Bubs isn't proving his fondness of underage users by raping their pages with heart emoticons and exclamation points, he's proving that he has the IQ of a rock and the common sense of a goldfish.

Example: Several months ago now he commented on the art of MangacatReturns who proceeded to tell him that she was formerly known as MangaCat (who was suspended for being underage so this is a double whammy really). Now, being that getting accounts to get around a suspension or ban is against the roolz, the SMART thing would have been to tell a mod.

Did he?


He welcomed her back...

Bubs was suspended after this incident when it was reported by a third party, but even that wasn't enough to get it through his thick skull. He pulled the same stunt with an art thief, claiming to not have known who the person really was, just so he could fave their pictures of boys in diapers.



What happened, in the (surprisingly *THRUST*-free) words of Skyboy:

Ok what I know thus far. Bubs went to a website that he got a link to from a friend. He thought it was a free site and he went and filled out information to join. Turns out it was a pay site so he left. The site then somehow sent a message to his entire address book asking others to go to the site, which apparently how HE got the message from his "friend" as well. Among his address book were people here in positions of power. They feel he was email spamming as a result. In a manner of speaking he was, but hardly intentionally as the site did the actual spamming, he only innocently went to it. He is attempting to appeal with that fact as his case. Thats all I know from him, so if I learn more I'll let you know.

Intentional or not, it adds substantial lulz that he was banhammered for "unintentionally" doing the thing he spent most of his time at y!Gallery doing anyway.

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