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The breakdown of Gong Sau faggotry.
Bullshido loves CP.

Bullshido.net is what you get when you combine the age level of GameFAQs, the community of MySpace and the mentality of the userbase of IMDb. A site that proudly boasts that it is the most rational community of martial arts as ranked by fellow cocksuckers of Atheists, the website is famous for being the unholy shithole that 50% of internet tough guys originate from. Although the site claims to be a news site for martial arts topics and events, it's actually just Facebook for steroid-consuming assholes. Half of the topics are debating wet dreams over which professional UFC fighter could kick whose ass, and also flaming any purists who don't practice MMA because they are complete pussies. Their userbase also proudly proclaims themselves as bullies, so don't hesitate to connect any unfortunate notions; they're all true at this point in time.

The most prolific members of Bullshido are a bit like superheroes: working towards the public good behind a consistent, masked persona.


—Sean Trenor, Mob Justice


Bullshido.net is promptly a gathering place and birthhole for extremely overconfident, mouthy, and arrogant wannabe martial artists. Mixing in the worst of machismo frat boy bullshit with martial arts, and a nice helping of Westerner style "healthy scientific skepticism" this side of Richard Dawkins, Bullshido prides itself for being a "unbiased Martial Arts news site" with writers with just as much 'tude and snark this side of Seanbaby and Cracked. While they come to challenge and debate over various questionable subjects, most of the time this comes out in childlike mocking, teenager like know it all cynicism, and at the hands of manchildren who aren't hesitant to resort to ganging up and harassing people both online and offline. If you ever wanted to meet a real life equivalent of thug run dojos that you'd see in 1980's action films, along with all of the power seeking, dick fueled competitive shithead fucktardery that would get any group like this to beat the shit out of anyone just to prove a point but without actual violence, congratulations, you've found it here on Bullshido.net.

FUN FACT: Ever since the mid to late 2000s Bullshido hasn't been relevant in the world in general at all. Much like how a flaming bag of dogshit is stomped out by the foot of a victim before they track down the perp next and beat them to death, Bullshido has long shot itself in the foot for alienating itself with its overzealous bannerfagging of "promoting" LOGIC AND REASON while hoping to prove martial arts legitimacy with angry threats and ego stemmed harassment leading into IRL fights. It's like every oppressed and repressive asshurt bitch of an angry atheist adolescent's wet dream come to life.

Message Board

WHAT'S UP BRO? You haven't posted a message in the past 5 minutes, so we're going to keep this message on all the pages you visit. Look how big this font is! This tells you that we don't fuck around. BTW, while you browse halfway down your browser window just to scroll past this BADASS message, be sure to check out all 50 ads we have on this page for your viewing pleasure. Advertisements for things like BODY BUILDING and GUNS and shit, because, you know, this is a message board for REAL MEN! NOT PUSSIES ON OTHER MARTIAL ARTS FORUMS. They don't know jack shit about real fighting because they aren't registered on this website. Remember that you don't keep constantly posting, you're a whiny little bitch ass pussy, and I fuck your mother all night. POST OR DIE

The web design of Bullshido.net is basically equivalent to that of an emo 14 year old on MySpace. Creating a page on Bullshido requires you to have at least 5 overlapping backgrounds, 24 images, 30 steroid advertisements, a font size that's bigger than your monitor resolution, and tons of colored text. Even if it's just the forum index. Unless your computer has 8gb of RAM, you're either fucked, or you have to close all your background processes, including the operating system, just to browse the website. And even then, it'll have more lag than the MW2 LAN party you hosted in your basement last week, you pathetic waste of fuck.


Most of the posters on the forums are hicks or rednecks who have no fighting skill outside of watching UFC and owning a pair of $6.00 Everlast handwraps. Common posts include losers recording themselves shadowboxing, trolling, and talking about how much cooler BJJ is than competitive wrestling. If you can somehow dodge past the 40 advertisements on the pages, you might even find a boxing glove review here and there. Of course these reviewers are the same morons who don't actually practice a martial art, and try to teach themselves Judo in their friend's garage by watching professional YouTube videos.

Every thread found on Bullshido.net meets with the following cycle of events:

  1. Guy posts videos of himself kicking a bag to prove his badassery
  2. Guys critiquing those videos to prove their badassery
  3. Other guys invading the thread to correct the critics
  4. Flaming thread creator with vague terms like "leg kick"
  5. Bots link to weight-lifting products
  6. Bots link to steroids
  7. Random Jet Li film reference
  8. Commenting on the original guy's video stating that his workout room sucks
  1. Troll post
  2. Topic creator declares internet jihad and flames all responders
  3. New member with 0 posts comments that he is in the same situation
  4. Bot links to pornography
  5. Topic creator responds to new member while ignoring posts and arguments from other posters
  6. Retard posts a random Bruce Lee quote and nothing else
  7. Retards notice that the thread has over 100 posts and decide to check it out
  8. Flame war
  9. Bot links to gun shops
  10. Original critics from phase 2 quotes a random member's signature and claims that it contains false information
  11. Random member from phase 18 responds to critic's signature critique, which causes an entire new discussion
  12. With 13 arguments going on at once, the topic somehow changes to how Tony Jaa could kick Anderson Silva's ass
  13. Random UFC fans enter thread and derail the topic
  14. Other members join the thread asking which brand of boxing gloves is the best
  15. Bot links to porn again
  16. Retarded thread creator returns and asks for comments on his video, unaware of the fact that the last 62 pages have been arguments about stupid unrelated bullshit
  17. Hell breaks loose
  18. Moderator closes thread
  19.  ???
  20. PROFIT!

Facts and reason to adhere to if you wish to be an official Bully

  • MMA is and is only the most legit form of fighting because you can actually see it.
  • Also a contact sport where you are only allowed to target the front of your opponents, are regulated to wear specific forms of clothing, are demanded to follow a code of actions that aren't "unfair" like grabbing clothes or hitting parts of the body that are bundles of nerves and vulnerable, and is mainly centered on pinning your opponent than knockouts makes it a legitimate form of fighting entirely and the only form of it.
  • Asian martial arts are always a joke, and are never effective.
  • "Spiritual concepts" like self development and not fighting are bullshit because martial arts are about making pure war on people and killing and maiming and the pure destruction of the opponent only, no exceptions
  • Martial arts are like weapons like a gun. Because guns kill, the only martial arts that are worth learning are the ones that needlessly hurt, injure grievously, kill, and murder without limitation, and teach you to have no mercy on anyone in a fight, no matter who they are or no matter what.
  • Beat up other martial artists and always challenge them to a real fight. Fake martial artists never show off.
  • Legitimize the old practice of dojo storming (ie. raiding another school of martial arts, beating the shit out of them, and constantly challenge them)
  • The value of another life is a bullshit concept when you're in a fight. Kill or be killed. No exceptions. Even if it's supposed to be fair, you either started it, gotten yourself in that point of your life, escalated the situation instead of doing whatever to not land into shit and/or could just walk away.
  • Complain about martial arts that didn't work out for you because you never practiced and took it seriously to mind outside of the school except for that attempt to use it on that one person that called you a faggot in middle school for petty vengeance, but got your ass kicked for being a lazy dumbfuck slacker.
  • Weeaboos are fair game, unlike us, who live in the real world and are logical and rational atheists. Also make fun of them because Jap and chink shit is weird
  • First World privileges is stupid because it doesn't exist. Also the US military industry and war machine is also evidence that we are better than everyone else
  • We care that much about you, your health, and your prowess to defend yourself. That's why we're making fun of people, endlessly harassing other styles that don't match our criteria, pissing on things that don't match our criteria of logical, and constantly looking to beat them up to show that we're right and not out of egotism, we swear.
  • Girls who practice martial arts have to be butch hambeasts. Otherwise, demure and feminine looking, they're only good for raping.
  • Science and logical reasoning are the only things that matter in martial arts these days. In turn, experiment on anyone you'd like.
  • Because we have the more plausible sounding advice it means we're always right.
  • This guy on ED is a huge fucking loser and a psycho for tracking us down, as well as spew out lies and nonsense about our mentality. After all, we are rational atheist warriors who challenge anyone to a real fight and beat them up, while we record it and post it up on the internet, and act smug while we revel in the glory that is the logical and First World way, which is always the righteous way, are always right. How dare he challenge our authority and champion backwards bullshido by dirty chinks and nigger spics. How dare he.

Very fun people to meet: Some of the Head Admins and Mods of Bullshido.net


Jeff "JeffG" Goldberg, who is a white supremacist in his downtime, and Daniel Segarra

Known associates: DS26347, DerAuslander108, Ondrej, Bruce Simms, Sookyoja

Source: http://karatehouston.com/up/Ngxhz2BbZK.pdf

The owner of KarateHouston is also a known associate of highly unethical people: KarateHouston is:

Registrant: Milberger's Martial Arts 10762 Grant Houston, TX 77070 US

Registrar: DOTSTER Domain Name: KARATEHOUSTON.COM Created on: 12-FEB-04 Expires on: 12-FEB-11 Last Updated on: 22-FEB-06

Administrative, Technical Contact: Milberger, Bill [email protected] Milberger's Martial Arts 10762 Grant Houston, TX 77070 US 281-894-5555 281-894-6090

A very special episode: Meet Phrost

Phrost (Key Powerword: Neal Fletcher) is the self proclaimed "World's Most Dangerous Nerd", an MMA instructor, and founder of Bullshido.net. Apparently, he founded Bullshido.net in hopes of "taking down fraudulent claims about martial arts". Unfortunately, Sherdog.com comes to mind, and it appears that IRL he's not exactly the badass he proclaims to be, and is infact everything that he stands against. When he's not teaching at his so called MMA ranch, you can find evidence that before and during his site's rise to notoriety that he's mainly lurked around long on martial arts forums and puffed his chest whenever his authority was ever challenged. Nowadays since his big mouth and cock in head mentality has attracted those with the same mind but different lives, and with their antics having gotten a lot of shit in his plate, you can see him occasionally pussytroll and howl like a white trash shithead with whatever attempts to stir attention and controversy. He's also a staunch atheist, and he also likes to brag about owning guns. He also used to be in the US Army as well. He also likes to think that he is putting the "martial back into martial arts", and emphasizes how actual hardcore carnage, bloodshed, and injury is needed in martial arts these days. Take that as you will.

Thanks to some others on the web, you can find the delicious dox on him to challenge him Street Fighter Mortal Fucking Kombat style personally and see if he really is the badass self proclaimed world's most dangerous nerd. I mean, after all, howling and bragging is a great way to garner attention to wanting legitimacy and "rational thought" in modern day martial arts and MMA, amirite?

Neal Fletcher NealFletcher 911 SE 5th Terrace Lees Summit, MO US 64063

Registrar: NameSecure.com Domain: BULLSHIDO.COM Created on 03-20-2003 Expires on 03-20-2011

Administrative Contact: Neal Fletcher Phone: +01.8165648488 E-mail: [email protected]

Technical Contact: Neal Fletcher Phone: +01.8165648488 E-mail: [email protected]


Here's his Twitter.


Bullshido.net has four main forum sections with 18 sub-forums.

  • Featured Martial Arts Discussion Forums
  • MMA Forum: Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Grappling, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, and more! Support the only sports that really matter. (Unless, of course, you're into watching grown men run around chasing balls. If that's your thing, we totally respect your lifestyle choices and such.)
  • Your Martial Art Sucks: The Martial Arts General Discussion and Comedy forum. Take the gloves off and grammatically beat on each other and dead horses such as Style vs. Style, Chi, Ashida Kim, George Dillman, and related, retarded discussions. Lightly moderated, for blatantly obvious idiocy and NSFW or illegal content.
  • Martial Arts BS, Fraud, Investigations, and Skepticism: The official forum for Bullshido. SERIOUS discussion on McDojos, questionable Martial Artists, and Martial Arts History only. Help us fight fraud in the Martial Arts by contributing well-thought-out threads and ideas on the subject. This is our showcase forum and raison d'être; please keep to the subject at hand and take the squabbling to YMAS or Trollshido. Strongly moderated for On-Topic posting.
  • Boff Topic: Off Topic lives again! No MMA-related stuff. Go hog wild.
  • General Skepticism: BS comes in many forms. This is the forum for everything from ghosts, to UFO's, 9/11 conspiracies, to overpriced speaker cables.
  • Throwdown: Martial Arts meetup and sparring events. Separating the real martial artists from the virtual tough guys, form fairies, and keyboard warriors, in a no-ego environment. Kind of like Fight Club for people who actually know how to fight, and without all the stupid, pop culture bandwagoneers.
  • Bullshido Classics and Mega Threads: This is the retirement home for some of the best (and worst) discussions from the history of Bullshido. The only forum where "Thread Necromancy" is tolerated. You can post to existing threads, but cannot start new ones here.
  • Martial Arts Training Forums
  • Basic and Misc. Fighting Technique Discussion: There's no shame in asking simple questions. The shame is in being too simple to understand the answers.
  • BJJ and Advanced Grappling Forum: No BS Grappling Discussion. Advanced (at least BJJ blue belt level) techniques, strategy, and related topics go here. This forum is MODERATED with an iron fist.
  • Advanced Striking Discussion Forum - Muay Thai, Boxing, etc.: Kick, punch, it's all in the mind. Advanced striking techniques, strategy and training discussion here. This is a moderated forum so don't complain when your stupid crap gets removed.
  • Member Competition and Throwdown Footage: Footage of Bullshido Members in Martial Arts competition.
  • Physical Training, Diet, and Health Forum: For the discussion of all forms of physical training you do, and your health and injury questions from Hemorrhoids to Steroids, Mesothelioma to Measles. Physical training and conditioning is absolutely essential because fighting is the most athletic activity in a human being can undertake. Don't be "that guy" at your gym or school, and you won't be "that guy" on the ground in a puddle in a fight.
  • The Armory: Weapons, Military, LEO, and Self Defense Forum: Weapons and weapons tactics, Self Defense, Military and Law Enforcement discussion. Home to the Bullshido Shooters. Please take your hippie gun control BS elsewhere. The ARMA-type Martial Artists welcome as well. Essentially the RBSD forum minus the rabid paranoia or fearmongering. Prepare for the next zombie invasion here!
  • Reviews, Videos, and Everything Else
  • Bullshido.ORG Martial Arts Encyclopedia Discussion Pages: This forum (formerly the MA History Project) is where all discussion pages from topics on Bullshido.ORG get created. This forum is moderated for on topic discussion.
  • Martial Arts in the News: Found a news story on martial arts on the WWW? Post it here, with proper credit to the source, and discuss your thoughts on it.
  • Reviews
  • Off Topic: Politics, Pop Culture, and Social Issues: Sociocide: Politics, Society, and all that rot. Pop Culture in its stupid face. Our sister forum for all things not related to Martial Arts. No holds barred discussion on current events, the latest technology, and the latest ideology; all with the familiar Bullshido, no-BS style. This homepage is still being developed, but the forums are open for business. No need to log in or register, you're already a member!
  • Site Utilities
  • Serious Business: Bullshido Member Classifieds and Trading Forum: You got crap? You sell crap here. Supporting Members and above can post threads here, anyone can respond.


If you thought recording your friends grabbing each other's asses in a basement while wearing Tapout shirts meant you had no life, think again. The board known as Liquors, Loot, and Ladies is basically the equivalent to /b/ on 4chan. As the name implies, the forum is used to discuss topics relating to beer, women, and cash. Obviously this is a false statement, as every forum poster in the world lacks a job, a girlfriend, and prefer to drink Mountain Dew-branded "Gamer Fuel" than any alcoholic substance.

Despite the community claiming to be BAMFs, most of the threads you find here are by pussies crying over how their girlfriend broke up with them for playing too much Halo. Of course they don't actually say this, and replace it with something along the lines of "Yeah, my girlfriend wouldn't pick up my beer and M14 rifle from my truck, so I beat the fucking shit out of her and now she left. Fucking bitch." Analysts claim that this is the origin of the name Bullshido, and others have disputed that the entire forum is fake, because of the internet's rule 30.

Gong Sau Faggotry

Bullshido has had a history of of reasonable, intelligent adults challenging each other to a fight over the internet. Unlike other sites, though, challenges to fights (dubbed Gong Sau) are taken seriously. Almost no gong sau challenge ever actually happens, because bullies are pussies who would rather talk than fight. All the gong saus ever proposed on Bullshido so far fall into three categories:

Although I didn't feel them at the time, now my shoulder is hurting from the axe kicks, and I'm unable to hold my right arm up. He consistently out punched me and snapped down my takedowns (I suspect he either prepared extensively beforehand or wrestled) for about ten minutes, though I got in a few leg kicks. I pull guard/start buttscooting when one of the other black belts suddenly runs up to me to stop the fight. Turns out my nose and lip were bloody.


Hedgehogey, learning that Kung Fu hurts.

Train hard, go back pwn them even harder.


Darting Fingers, advocating for a rematch

Hedge did extremely well. In the second match he was taking quite the beating, and he just kept coming back over and over. Really good spirit.


—TaeBo_Master, giving Hedgey credit.

Also, for the record he at least five major cuts on his face, we had a hard time mopping up his blood all over our floor...My student came to me and said I don't want to beat him any bloodier, what do I have to do to win this thing?


—The kung fu master, laughing his ass off. Note that these people trace their lineage through Chewbacca.

Fighting videos

There are only five known cases where one of these "fights" has actually been caught on tape. Check out these results:


Bullshido likes to investigate martial arts personalities they think are pussies or lying. Most of the time, is some retard wandering in and mumbling that maybe their local tae kwon do instructor is lying about being a Navy SEAL or a world champion martial artist. Then other retards run in circles around the first one, either yelling at him to prove it or telling him to kick the faker's ass. Nothing happens, nobody does shit, and life goes on. If they are wrong and are that stupid to stalk investigate, expect them to brag and lie about how inept their target was and never provide actual evidence themselves, or disappear off of the internets forever. Chances are, the stalker gets his ass kicked so bad he has a fucking ego crash and hides away like a prison bitch, or dies by killing himself out of shame from realizing being a fucking lowlife (snort, obviously) or is dead from the fight for being a bloodthirsty thug.

One in a while, though, a concerned member will conduct a responsible investigation and expose the fake's private life for public amusement. This will win the investigator wide renown, lots of rep, and if he's really lucky, a banhammer. Because, srsly, who wants that creep around?

And really? Bullshido?

What, was Bullshitdo too much for the kiddies?

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