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I are business cat. I was funny but some motherfucker made an unfunny forced-meme from me
This is not funny. This is animal abuse.
Why are you molestating me?

Business Cat is a shitty unfunny advice dog clone forced meme and was born when some retarded furfag posted a funny image of a cat wearing a tie that he has received as a Christmas present on some shitty forum that is so noname it's no use to even mention it. The photo was of course instantly found by animal-pedo 13 year old boys and they made an unfunny forced meme from the originally funny image and it was soon presented on the birthplace of many other unfunny, shitty and unwanted forced memes, Icanhascheesburgerblog.

Bcat original.jpg
The original unmolested image that was exactly funny

The cancer was than spread through shitty meme and image portals, each already containing over 9000 unfunny forced memes like business cat, and was shared and liked or thumbed up by 13 year old boys and 12 year old girls, as is every forced meme. Of course its "fame" didn't last for too long as the furfag laden deep web factory of forced memes created other unfunny memes that came into spotlight and soon were also taken over by other unfunny forced memes and so on. Business cat was featured in some shitty comics and unfunny images, but he didn't even make it to 4chan or any other "child and animal friendly" sites.

In case you find any of these funny you are gladly asked to kill yourself. srsly

Say NO to animal abuse


Business Cat
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Business Cat
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