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You have any butter for those rolls?

A Buttertroll is a vile and disgustingly obese creature from the depths of Hell, typically a woman (but sometimes a man) who has more body fat than skin.

Normally, women this fat have to have their sexual partners pour flour on their cooch in order to find the wet spot. Men who fuck women this size adhere to the teachings of philosopher Dante Hicks, and utilize his time-honored sexual technique which goes as such: "Insert somewhere close, preferably warm and wet, thrust, repeat."

Men in this condition often use enough baby powder to soothe the diaper rash of a small third world country, and suffer from stinky, cheesy-smelling dicks.

Scientists are still debating whether or not to count a Buttertroll's body fat as an "organ," even though it performs a bodily function: keeping the Buttertroll ugly.

Notable Buttertrolls

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