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The original buzzkiller.
The sequel.

And you thought normal memes were unfunny...

Buzzkilling aka. moar like this is a relatively new fad, depicting situations where something is out of place. These situations are narrated awkwardly for comedic effect as a form of anti-lulz. If you ever wanted to know what type of humour people with Asperger's syndrome have - this is it. Most people who practice buzzkilling are old, fat Christfags who still giggle at the word penis.


The original came from one of Something Awful's Exploitable threads of 2004 in which Goons were challenged to shoop a poster which read "PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES - KEEP YOUR DOG UNDER CONTROL AT ALL TIMES." The winrar, pictured right, threw the joke format right out of the window and replaced it with "THOSE ARE MY SHOES - GIVE THEM BACK, YOU ARE A DOG, THEY DON'T EVEN FIT."[1]

The fact that one iteration of a five year old meme has become a meme in itself says something about the need for Original Content.


Although a few of these pictures had been floating around the web for a while, there was no official title for them to go by and thus, no way for newfags to latch onto this meme and overuse it. In the early morning of November 19th, 2008, users on 4chan's /b/ proposed a few different names and eventually decided the "buzzkilling" was the best one. Bragging over who came up with the winning name and the immense size of their e-peen immediately ensued. The term "buzzkilling" refers to the fact that the awkward way in which the images are narrated ruins any potential humor. It was trolls remorse.

Rumour has it the name might derive from another deeply painful fad many people seem to adore - namely Family Guy. One episode during yet another completely unrelated flashback involved a sophisticated character named Buzz Killington who describes unfunny pictures in an unfunny manner. Even Peter Griffin didn't laugh. While this is not the actual source, and it was actually just the first thing that popped in the faggot's head, it is an interesting theory.

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