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Middle-aged women wishing that they were still Japanese high school girls.
The leader.
The main weeaboo.
The unwanted one.

CLAMP, acronym for "Cunt Licking Aliens Masturbating to Phatties", is an all-female group of Japanese weeaboo-like dykes who want to draw manga with funny storylines. Obviously, they all fail epically at that, since their faggotry is only funny if you're a sick pedo, a sister fucker, or an otaku. On second thought, since you are all of these things, you probably DO think their shit is funny. FAIL


There used to be a lot more of them, but the former members slowly began to realize what CLAMP's ulterior motives were, so they left last Thursday. Now, there are only four.

Nanese Ohkawa


Ohkawa is the group's god, as she does all of the fail jobs. These include handling all of the business aspects, making sure that their religious bashing is accurate, and writing the unfunny script for the manga they publish.


Nanese Ohkawa is responsible for CLAMP's popularity. Because of this, you must kill her. With fire.



Mokona is an obvious weeaboo, which is really sad, because the woman is fucking from Japan. She's the artist of CLAMP, and made a fucking self-insert of who she thinks she is THREE DIFFERENT TIMES in THREE DIFFERENT SERIES. Since she's highly uncreative, all of these self-inserts look exactly the same, save for one, which is a nigger.


Mokona is responsible for the annoying flowers and shit in Cardcaptor Sakura. You know what do do.

Mick Nekoi


Claims to be the touch-up artist. Really, she's just unwanted.


You're fapping to this, amirite?

She's supposed to be the one who makes the layout. Really, she's unwanted as well.


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