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The CMFL (Cambodian Midget Fighting League) is a Cambodian organization of midget fighters. Its current president is Yang Sihamoni.

In the past, the league consisted of 42 midget fighters. However, great drama started on the internets when Sihamoni claimed that his league was invincible. An angry fan retorted that a single lion would be able to defeat the CMFL. Sihamoni promptly accepted the challenge and arranged the match between an African Lion and the CMFL in a battle arena. Sadly, no video recordings are available, since the Cambodian government strictly forbade cameras from the arena. The squad feasted on plums before the games. After knocking back 137 Jagerbombs between them they went screeching out in front of the crowd, their little legs struggling to lift them into the arena. Then, when everyone was prepared and sufficiently hyped up, the African Lion was released from the cage and the crowd began throwing rubbish at the beast. This angered it and the fight began.

The famed fight lasted only about 12 minutes when to everyone's shock a hero arose on the glorious battlefield of the coliseum in Kâmpóng Chhnãng of central Cambodia. A solitary lowly African Lion decimated the squadron of fierce blood thirsty Cambodian midgets leaving 28 declared dead and the remaining 14 severally injured with loss of limbs, broken bones and severe bleeding. Truly an unbelievable outcome, surely no one could have predicted the lion standing tall at the final bell. After the fight, body parts were found in the area including 16 fingers, 1 leg, 4 hands, 25 ears and 1 testicle. All were incinerated to remove all evidence.

Since the historic fight against the African Lion, the whereabouts of the CMFL are unknown. The CMFL still exists however in unknown areas of Cambodia. Unnamed sources suggest that there is an arena underwater where you need a snorkel and oxygen tanks to view the fights.

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