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How did he shot web? HE CHOOSE HIS CHANGE

"Choose Your Own Change", or CYOC, is what happens when furries, boytaurs, pedophiles and mudkips come together to write some of the most fucked up shit on the interwebs about transformation.


Last Thursday, there were Choose Your Own Adventure stories, which allowed you to choose your own ending. Most of the time, these stories were gay Hardy Boys novels and almost inevitably ended in buttsechs. Then came along the idea of CHOOSING YOUR OWN CHANGE. Why be 30 years old when you can be a 12 year old with a five foot penis? What makes the stories even better is that they often incorporate e-famous fandoms, like Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, and Scooby Doo.


oh mrrrrrrrrr

Chapters are usually written by furries and consist of this shit:

The clerk nods and hands you the costume. It's surprisingly heavy and you struggle to hold it steady while you pay the clerk and leave the store.

You drive home quick and lug the costume upstairs, into your apartment so you can try it on before you buddy Jack shows up.

The costume fits really well. Your cock feels great going into the built-in penis and you admire yourself in the mirror after zipping up and getting on the headpiece.

Something feels weird about the suit, but you're feeling so good inside the suit you hardly notice. You don't notice how your legs feel more powerful, your tail swings around on it's own, your arms and shoulders and chest start to look very ripped - not fuzzy and cute as the costume looked before.

You admire yourself in the mirror, grinning broadly, running your paws over your muzzle and ears. Your body feels so good inside the suit, it's almost as if the suit -is- your body. You start to get scared - what if it's really happening?

But it feels so good, your body can't deny the pleasure you're getting now. Your mind is paralyzed but your body responds to the pleasure running through you.

You slide your fingers over your chest and belly, feeling the ripped muscles and huge six-pack. No, 8-pack. No, even more than that. You can't even count the number of ridges on your belly, running up to your chest. Your brain tries to break through again, to tell you something is wrong... you start to try to reverse the effects, to look for a zipper or gap to pull off the head piece, but you find nothing.

You have the physique of a massive bodybuilder, a body better than an Olympian. You watch yourself flex in the mirror, admiring your huge biceps and taut thighs and legs. You can't help but grow erect and gasp in surprise as your throbbing shaft rises up... Fifteen... eighteen... twenty... twenty-three... over two feet of huge, powerful kanga-shaft rise up against your chest as you watch yourself in the mirror. You can't help but be aroused and turned on at the view of the uber-strong, ripped, incredibly masculine male looking back at you.

You grimace and push your cock away, still trying to figure out what's happening. But your cock only grows larger at the touch, reaching up past your nipples, up to your chin. It's thick as your thigh and your balls are hanging down to your knees.

Your muzzle opens and a sigh of pleasure escapes your new muzzle as pre-cum pours from the tip of your cock. But you clam up quickly as you remember this is all wrong - you're not supposed to be like this! You fight the growing pleasure in your body, but you know deep inside it's a losing battle.

You lean back against a wall, cracking the plaster as cum drips off your huge balls, onto the floor. Your toes grip the carpet, tearing it from the glue holding it down. Your breath comes fast and heavy as you keep growing, getting more and more muscular and buff by the minute.

"What's going on?" you moan, unable to help yourself as your new paws slide over the massive erection jutting up past your chin. "Oh no..."

Your huge body grows and grows. You're at least three feet taller than before and you must have packed on over 150 pounds of pure muscle. It's hard to concentrate on anything but touching yourself, even though you want all this to end - in your mind, you know something weird is happening.

But you can't stop yourself from gripping your huge new cock and jacking yourself off, sliding your fingers from the foot-wide tip to the thick base, where your sheath stretches tightly over the taut red cock.

Your balls slide back and forth across your thighs as you stomp over to the couch, falling over halfway, pumping your cock into the soft fabric, groaning at the feel. A huge wave of pre-cum splashes over the couch, soaking the cushions as you hammer forward, paws still groping your cock, tail waving behind you energetically.

You hammer your hips forward, your body not obeying your mind as you try to stop yourself, try to figure out how to get out of this new body, to take the costume off. But your cock feels so good as you slide it across the wet, soft fabric of your couch... and your huge, buff arms feel so nice as they stroke across your huge pecs and incredibly ripped abs...

You tear your paws away from your body and stagger upright. You lean against a wall, head down, breathing hard as you manage to stop for a moment. Your huge cock bobs in front of your face, reeking of masculine spunk and a definitive musk that your newly sensitive nose can't help but inhale.

The male pheromones you inhale threaten to overwhelm your sense again as thick pre-cum spurts from your cocktip in thick waves. Cum splashes down onto the carpet as your shoulder puts a hole in the wall - you can't even control your strength now.

You look at yourself in the mirror. Cum splashes against the silvery finish and drools down the full-length mirror, pooling at the bottom. Your paws slide over your chest and belly again, as if drawn by magnets, and you let out a deep groan, even as you grimace again, still not understanding what is happening, still trying to resist the waves of pleasure and power rampaging through you huge, muscular body.

Your huge paws grip the thick head of your cock, which is now bobbing back and forth nearly a foot above your head, when all of the sudden...

TL;DR: You wear a fursuit of a Kangaroo and become one with a giant penis.

Now, at this point in the game, you can CHOOSE your CHANGE. You can:

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