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Camping, or waiting in one spot for pros to walk by and then raping them with your gun is quite possibly the most rage-inducing tactic in video games. After as little as 1 or 2 kills in a row, the pro you killed may start bawwing and calling you a noob in their high-pitched, 12 year old voice. Most Camping is found in Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops and other FPS games. There are also videos of Camping on Youtube on where to find camping spots and ready up to start raping those pros. But Srsly, If you're going to camp, do it for the Lulz.

How to Camp

Applicable to every game.
  1. Find a server where everyone thinks they're the shit and everyone else is a noob. In other words, any server.
  2. Locate a corner on the map where people run in front of.
  3. Point and shoot.
  4. Watch the tears of butthurt pile up, along with people calling you a noob.
  5. Respond to their noob argument with "You're the one who died." or "If I'm a noob, you should be able to kill me easily." for extra tears. Also point out that in real life, most soldiers camp so that they can kill other people without being killed.
  6. They ragequit
  7. ???
  8. Lulz and profit! 4chan accepts your kill.

For bonus points, do this on a server that kicks/bans for bad language when the pros rage level increases and use the biggest noob gun you can find.

How not to get killed by campers

  1. Don't stay out in the open like a total dumb ass
  2. Have a memory span of more than 15 seconds, so you don't get camped from the same spot twice.
  3. Quickscope those bitches!!!
  4. Hide
  5. Also camp
  6. Did I forget to mention don't be a dumb ass?
  7. ???
  8. Lulz

Videos and Quotes On Butthurt People Who Hate Campers, Such As Modern Warfare 2

"I was playing really crappy today, but at least i got the game winning kill on some camper guy who was pissing me off. I'm tired of seeing campers in just about every other game that i play. CAMPING WILL NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PLAYER!"


—brentsabear , A typical 13 year old boy



—Bacon66 , Butthurt after getting killed 4 times on Search and Destroy On Modern Warfare 2

"Reply: Kid. calm your fucking nuts its just a game and stop complaining you got raped.



—FireFlys32, Telling it like it is

Videos On People Who Camp And Show Where They Camp

Now you can camp while you camp!

Types of Camping

Various types of camping exist provided on the type of game you are playing. Most forms, but not all, require a pack of condoms and a boyscout troop to accomplish.

Valid strategy.

Spawn Camping

This favorite tactic is sure to produce hilarious results. Common in FPS shooters for the most part, one simply has to hang out near where the enemy respawns (or your team if friendly fire is on and there is no spawn grace time) when killed. Light them the fuck up as they're loading, and listen to them cry when they load in dead. And repeat until you get overwhelmed by enemy respawns.

Simply waiting at a door

Just waiting behind a door or entrance is enough to piss some people off. This is especially effective if you use claymoars or proximity mines. Because 99% of gaymers are 12 years old, they will run back through the door/opening having completely forgotten about your camper faggotry. Since they're butthurt over this, the tears and screams of "NOOB!" will begin at this point. This works amazingly well on pros, but can be avoided by the one guy on the server who actually likes video games.

Graveyard Camping

WoWfags on the Alliance side will be well versed in Graveyard camping in battlegrounds. Once the Horde has blasted your ass back to your base, they will proceed to hang out and rape you in your resurrection area to prevent you from getting out. Some will decry this practice, but usually it is used in conjunction with taking whatever the objective is. Tying up the defenders of said points prevents them from pushing back. Some will BAW loud and hard, others will tell them they are fags and should STFU. All that matters is winning.

Vehicle Instakill

Place explosives on every vehicle in an enemy base. Camp in a hiding spot and wait till someone gets in a tank or some shit. Blow the motherfuckers for guaranteed lulz. Bonus points if you kill the entire team at once. Repeat this process throughout the entire match, you will have nobody left due to mass Ragequitting. (This tactic is best used in games like Bad Cock 2)


While not technically camping in the truest sense, this tends to happen around player built structures or a protected objective. A mass of the team simply piles up in the same area and stays alive long enough to let respawning players rejoin the battle and force off hostiles. This bullshit creates an incredibly slow and boring form of game that is equivalent to nailing one's testicles to their computer chair. Don't be a faggot, learn to play your fucking character/class/mongoloid, and get out there and kill shit. Graveyard Camping can be used in conjunction with this tactic on both sides to either break the turtle or harden it up. Extremely common when playing Trade Fortress 2.

WoWFaggotry Special Mention

On PvP servers of World of Warcraft, world combat is enabled in most areas. What this means is you will typically be questing your level 25 ass off, harvesting eight boar's nutsacks when BAM! Level 80 fireball up the ass. You will then proceed to rez and get killed four thousand more times instead of just going AFK for like five minutes and letting them get bored of hanging out and camping your corpse. Most PvP server faggots are too stupid to figure this out.

Your typical WoWfag Generalissimo.

The Generalissimo

These faggots encourage camping and the use of other such tactics by decreeing how the rest of the players should go about their strategy. This dipshit has probably fapped to the Art of War by Sun Tzu a half-dozen times and regards their knowledge of fantasy battle mechanics to be without equal. These players are easy as shit to troll as they already feel their intellect is vastly superior. Instead of organizing their own pre-made games, they attempt to unleash their faggotry onto the random group they get dropped into.

The following methods are excellent ways to fuck with these people.

  • Do the exact opposite of what they asked you to.
  • If group 1, 2, and 3 all have assignments; ask what group you are in.
    • Ask what the assignment was again.
    • Go to the completely wrong area.
    • ????
    • Profit!
  • Ask what version of the Art of War they're using for your orders.

When the group inevitably does not follow orders, they will typically ask 'Why doesn't anybody want to win?' This is basically the idiot opening the door to you. You can whine about how hard you tried even though you're at the bottom, you can blame your latency, or you can simply go with the tried and true method of calling them a retard. Also use coherent English and proper grammar, this will fling them into a frenzy of hilarity.

If you're able to figure out who one of these people is on the other side, camping them into a spawn point will have them seeing red as you breach the rules of warfare. As we've learned from the Americunts and Jews, there are no rules of warfare.

Results of Camping

Camping will eventually cause a lot of e-tears to be shed. The victim will likely threaten the camper with being reported and all other such manners of faggotry. From that point it will degenerate into whining about how the game sucks, is broken, and how everyone is out to get them. What can you do in this situation? Camp moar. Do it faggot.

Over 9000 pros will go to their clan forums or somewhere else and whine over being camped, such as this: [1] [2] Doing it wrong

File:Islamic rage boy.jpg
A Typical Reaction Of Someone Who Gets Killed By A Camper

RL Camping

Pick me the fuck up.

While playing a lively game of the Sims, God decided to get his son and a bunch of his friends together for a community dinner. Shortly after that, Jesus was pwned by the Jews and Romans. A golden opportunity was missed for one of the few ways that IRL camping could have came into play. If there had been a spear-man hanging out outside of Jesus' tomb when he resurrected, another stab to put him back into the respawn queue would have constituted camping. Although Jesus would likely have not whined about it since he was all into forgiveness and molesting children.

Boyscout troop leaders take their boys on camping trips while Jesus would have been one of the handful to be camped. Coincidence!? It is unclear when Jesus' respawn timer will be up and he will be joining us again. But hopefully this time the retard will take a different route and not get pwned again with cross and spear. Though Christfags have long since been trying to get a battle rez on him to force the fight into the next phase. Some shit called Revelations or something.

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