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One day, Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell were enjoying some consensual sex in the missionary position. As they continued doing many barrel rolls and other unspeakable acts, Fox decided to take matters into his own hands and penetrate Wolf doggy-style.

Wolf however, was not okay with this change in events, and in a protesting manner he said, "Can't let you do that, Star Fox." His refusal did not sit well with Fox, so he did the only thing a furry can do: He raped Wolf mercilessly... In the ass. As Fox pounded away, Wolf kept restating his words, only to have them ignored by his furry buttbuddy. Wolf's pleas for an end to the rape gradually became screams, and faded eventually to whimpers as he came to the realization that there was no escape. After an hour of thrust after thrust, Fox finally came. However, he would not stop. Instead, he just kept going harder and faster. He took his finger to some of the cum leaking out of Wolf's ass and smeared it all over his fuckbuddy's eyes. Wolf let out an agonizing shriek in response, "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Fox paused a second, and then gently lowered his muzzle to Wolf's trembling ear, and let out a soft whisper, "Can't let you off of my cock."

A Meme is Born

An Example

After seeing this epic scene unfold in Starfox 64, the furries thought that it would be funny to make up their own versions of Wolf's words, just as their hero Fox had done. To them, rape is okay (especially if furries are involved). Generally, their variations follow a simple formula.

Can't let you X that, Y.

Most always, X is a monosyllabic verb that rhymes with "do," and Y is a bisyllabic noun that rhymes with "fox." However, Fox did not use this structure in his original mockery of Wolf's attempt to stop him. There are also some variations that do deviate from the standard formula, but they are filled with AIDs and fail for the most part.


This handy meme can prove useful in many situations, such as:

  • Expressing disapproval towards a fox trying to anally penetrate you.
  • Conveying displeasure at the Red Sox trying to win a world series (because Boston sucks cock).
  • An attempt to discontinue the brewing of that Starbucks.
  • An opportunity to incorporate a shitty meme.

The Aftermath

Wolf is now presumably in a catatonic state, covered in fox cum, trying to come to terms with what happened to him. His location is unknown, and he is likely hiding from the many furries out to rape him. He probably thinks that his lasers will be enough to save him. Unfortunately for him and his furry ass, furfags never die, so he's pretty fucked (OH HO, A PLAY ON WORDS).


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