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Canadian GunNutz is an Internet forum for Canadian gun owners. This is in itself very ironic seeing as how guns are pretty much illegal in Canada and as such the forum users are limited primarily to discussing "tactical modifications" AKA: (killing niggers,) for Ruger 10/22s and drooling over American freedom.

The forum is run by a Chinaman named Enoch using the pseudonym greentips, no doubt out of the basement of his parents home, who are perpetually shamed by him flunking out of accounting and pursuing a career in interior design and homosexuality. greentips' motivation for starting the website is simple, he's interested in guns but his effete Chinese-physique largely prevents him from actually using any firearms, as such he put his computer skills to use making a forum wherein he could live vicariously through other, more masculine, gun owners. greentips ethnicity is sometimes a point of contention on the forum as he is likely the only Chinese user there, the vast majority being white closet-racists. Occasionally, some of the closet-racists will reveal their feelings and this results in greentips banning over 9000 of them to look tough.

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