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MootsJewGold.jpg was a shitty website where creative users take old shitty stale memes that the rest of the internet threw away, and remixes them over 9000 times. Nothing on was OC but all the creative users who just discovered the internet think they are so original and can create epic lulz.


Image editor

Images posted to will typically have the text "Type text here" added on top because the text tool, like all the other tools, sucks ass.

On they had the handy tool to "remix" images while in browser! While this tool would be cool if not for the fact that was full of 13-year-old boys who downvote anything even remotely lulzy, every image was remixed over 9000 times to the point where anything that was even remotely Original would be stale within the first 5 seconds. tl:dr is the cum-dumpster of the internet.

Audio Remix

99% of all audio remixes once let you combine Youtube music with gifs. This lead to the same content being posted repeatedly only with different music. The feature was removed due to regional copyright issues. Users immediately started posting #bbar over and over again in attempt to bring back audio remixing. The feature is now back just as crappy as it was before.

Stickers had the "handy" idea to allow the user to "sticker" posts. Originally it was an okay idea then moot being the Jew he is took away half the stickers that where available to the user. Not that it mattered anyway because the only stickers ever used is the monocle. The #1 sticker used to be extremely popular until moot limited that as well in an act of total douchiness.


To get on you had to be invited and have a failbook account so it was easier to B& you when you inevitably post CP or gore.


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