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Carol Moore

Carol Moore is a cunt, redneck neo-Nazi, man-hating feminazi, conspiracy theorist, and all-around attention whore who blogs on the Internet about the evil Jews controlling the world.

Moore lives in a secluded underground bunker in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area stockpiled with hunting rifles and shotguns, waiting for right time to overthrow the federal government and declare Vermont an independent nation with an economy dependent on slavery.

Despite being repeatedly raped and impregnated by an Arab when she visited the West Bank, she supports the Arab colonization of the West Best, which was formerly part of Judea, and thinks that Jews reclaiming their ancestral homeland and kicking out the Arab invaders is “imperialism.” The stupid bitch also thinks that the government killed all the polygamists at Waco[1] and that Jews did WTC.

A little-known fact is that Carol was a prostitute and contracted syphilis, allowing her to collect massive amounts of Social Security from the government she so despises. One can only hope that Carol shoves a stick of dynamite up her vagina and finally ends her miserable life.

Moore is also a massive hypocrite. She restores comments with which she agrees, claiming that Wikipedia is “not censored,”[2]; then on the same page, she removes another comment with which she disagrees because it was made by a user blocked for “disruptive editing” (which is code for being banned by the thought police). Eventually she was banned by Arbcom.

“So she hates Jews and the government and wants to enslave niggers, so what?” you might ask. “What’s so bad about that?” Just read the next section of this article.

Solar delusions

Carol Moore has also greatly contributed to the field of astronomy by claiming that Wikipedia Favicon.png sunspots and Wikipedia Favicon.png solar flares influence people’s behavior and emotions and are cause of revolutions.[3] Little does the crazy bat know that her unstable emotions are due not to the sun but to a condition common to old women called Wikipedia Favicon.png menopause. She even claims that she predicted the fall of the Iron Curtain by observing sunspots![4]

She also believes she was a soldier in World War II in a past life.[5]

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