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The original.

Lj-favicon.png Caroljoy is a LiveJournal user who made an innocent mistake, and then Jameth proceeded to mess up her Internet life because he enjoys that sort of thing.

Oops, wrong journal

One night, Jameth made a post on his LiveJournal with a picture of himself in a velvet leprechaun hat.

Caroljoy responded:

"You probably meant to post this to your personal journal not the community bad_service."

She quickly deleted her comment once she realized her mistake (in an attempt to prevent drama) but Jameth, who never did learn social interaction beyond the middle school playground, reposted it. Caroljoy asked him to delete his comment because it had her username in it, to which he responded:

"why are you even in my journal telling me what to do?"

The argument got heated once his friends noticed, and sensing potential lulz, began to comment. Sample of Caroljoy's response:

"Not until you delete this thread. People on it are being abusive. One stole my personal icon made by a friend. Not ok."

Needless to say, this did not produce the desired effect. People started passing around the icon and shooping it, while Qweerdo posted to SF Drama here. Caroljoy ended up deleting all of her comments on Jameth's LJ (though of course we have a screencap), apologized to Jameth, and that seemed to be the end of it.

Round 2

On Lj-favicon.png felinebehavior, Lj-favicon.png scottrossi posted something about his roommate's cats, using the cat icon he stole from Caroljoy. Seeing it, Caroljoy was annoyed and said:

"As that icon is my identity on many communities including this one, that is a kind of identity theft."


"Except that LiveJournal has a tradition where it is not acceptable to use someone's icon without credit. ...I never said it was part of the ToS. It is accepted LiveJournal etiquette though. However, people like you probably don't care about etiquette since your main purpose on LiveJournal is to make fun of people."

Meanwhile, of course, all others involved were bringing this community the flame war Lj-favicon.png scottrossi wanted:

"i decided to lulzmine her and went into one of our mutual communities and made a post using the icon in question (which really was cute, lol)."

Eventually, at least two users (Lj-favicon.png adameros and Lj-favicon.png dantc) decided to start posting dox. The thread was finally deleted by the mod, who asked users to please focus on cats and refrain from off topic conversations. Jameth, who lives for internet drama, posted the whole mess to Stupid free here with another screencap.

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