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The horrible baby-eating atheist devil. How could she say such a thing about a national treasure ;_;

From time to time, the decadent and depraved Australian public turn from savage bigots into angelic puritans. Such as when a "national icon", the late Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi, is mentioned in the same sentence as "getting laid". Enter Catherine Deveny, some unheard of Australian comedian who was invited to the Logies (like the Golden Globes, but non-notable and more rigged - seriously) and decided to give a blow-by-blow account of the event on Twitter.

As usual, the Australian public's selective hearing was tuned into the Atheist comedian, and boy did she slip up (apparently). The newspaper she writes for fired her, bowing to the pressure of the wowser public.

Haters gonna hate.

Best thing about being sacked? You can say whatever you want. Fans, followers, friends and supporters deep thanks. I won't let you down.


—Catherine Deveny, exhibiting signs of Chronic Troll Syndrome

Bindi Irwin

Loli Bindi Irwin. It's AWWWRIGHT
Pedobear agrees.

I do hope Bindi Irwin gets laid #logies


Well, she is only 11 or something, but who can stand such an annoying little cunt? Bindi is riding on the coat-tails of her dead ecological-terrorist father, and is fueled by her mother's insatiable appetite for more money and fame.

Bindi's comments were not heard in the aftermath, presumably because she's a mere puppet of her media handlers, not a free-thinking, individual little snow flake.

Other Great Quotes

If Ruby Rose was straight she'd be nothing



Suicidal friend just texed to say he thought he couldn't get more depressed til he turned onto the Logies and saw Jules Lund



Hamish And Andy. One is funny, the other is shagging Megan Gale



I so do hope Bindi Irwin gets laid



Scott Cam. Your face isn't red enough



Is that Karl Stefanovic or a food processor



Hello Chaser boys from all the dead children



Jules Lund. Part man, part Boonie Doll



kdlang is dressed by The House Of Kim Jong Ill



Rove and Tasma look so cute! I hope she doesn't die too



Shaun Micallef. Sing from your fucking heart



I'd turn gay for Claudia Karvan



Samuel Johnson saying 'stoked' almost better than Jules Lund



Packed To The Rafters. I See White People



Underbelly. Tale Of Two Titties



How proud would you be to be presented a logie by Natalie Bassingthwaite?



Kdlang gets a standing ovation but will she get fingerbanged in the carpark



Don Lane.Coffee table. Insert joke here.



And now it's time for who the fuck are these dead people package



Logies performers are airline food for music



More Quotes

I just fell asleep and woke up watchng the Logies! It appears to be 1987!


Richard Wilkins' hair has more IQ points than he does


The Logies, the Australian celebration of television excellence makes me proud to be unAustralian


When winners praise their fellow nominees they are attempting to hide their raging narcissism


Alf Flamin Mongrel is so going to get flamin laid tonight.


Only two kinds of people in the room. People we loathe and people we've never heard of.


I'm not a journalist. I'm a writer, I'm a polemicist


—Speaking to ABC Radio's Jon Faine

If you can't stand the heat, you buy the Herald Sun


—Speaking to ABC Radio's Jon Faine

It was just passing notes in class, but suddenly these notes are being projected into the sky and taken out of context


This [the Bindi Irwin comment] was a ludicrous remark that was as ridiculous as me saying I hope the dog that Molly Meldrum brought with him got drunk


I meant every single word


I love Rove. I worked for Rove for five years. I've publicly said and printed I would take a bullet for him. He endorsed my first book on the front cover


Every column I have written for The Age was prepared like a meal for close friends


What the Plebs are saying

File:Catherine Deveny Haters.jpg
Catherine Deveny is deaf to your outrage.
We are appreciative of the columns Catherine has written for The Age over several years but the views she has expressed recently on Twitter are not in keeping with the standards we set at The Age



—The Age's editor Paul Ramadge, giving Deveny the banhammer

Catherine who??? She is a nobody who obviously gets off directing cruel comments towards others. A DISGRACE.



Catherine who? WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!!




Typical female comedian. Trying ever so hard to be both funny and successful.



—Richard Pryor, telling her to get back to the kitchen

absolutely disgusting.... i get that your a comedian but YOUR NOT FUNNY... making fun about molestation and paedophelia about an 11 year is disgusting... your low ... and i think making fun of someone dying of breast cancer is disgusting..... i could care less that there "celebrities" but the content of those jokes were not funny and i hope you feel ashamed of yourself!!!!



Oh you're a comedian (LOL)....never heard of you loser. Such disgusting and vile comments made about a young girl...Grow up you immature ridiculous woman.



She's a comedian? This gutter trash isn't funny. She fails as a comedian IMO. Ugly too.



Absalutely disgusting! How a person can be so bitter (Comedian or not) I do not know! To write such loathing and derogatory comments, especially about an 11 year old and a persons deceased partner, I do not know. I feel sorry for you Deveny. You should be ashamed!



this woman is seriously disturbed.



Perhaps Catherine Deveny should actually use her brains and THINK before she uses Twitter to degrade and offend other people! Her comments about Bindi Irwin, a little girl who lost her beloved Dad, are offensive, as well as her nasty and uncalled for comment about Tasma Walton!!



Whats funny about hoping an 11-yr old has sex? Its illegal Deveny!! Your vile and disgusting. Sounds more like your the one who's the joke not your pathetic comments. Use to be a fan - glad I'm not anymore.



Sarcasm and witticism are fine but out and out cruelty like the comments regarding Bindi and Rove are way below the belt. Especially making sexual comments about a child. I used to like reading Deveny's column. Not anymore!



vulgar, sick stuff



—3AW radio host Neil Mitchell

the left-wing Sam Newman



—a talkback caller

Nobody gives a fuck. Go home and be offended in privacy. Cry yourself to sleep that you wasted so much money buying TV Weeks so you could vote your crappy pseudo-celebrity, and I hope you choke a bit knowing that you ROBBED Shaun Micallef of some recognition.

Do it Like They Do on the Deveny Channel

Deveny demonstrating why women should stay in the kitchen.
This is how Deveny thinks women should act. Bitches get what bitches deserve.

The recent outrage over Deveny's twitter comments is not her first brush with controversy. In 2007 she made some revealing comments in defense of adultery.

It's easy to forget that we're just mammals wearing clothes. I'm always reminded when the spring racing carnival comes around of the primal urge we have as animals to procreate.



Lifelong monogamy is an unrealistic expectation that makes people feel like failures... People are torn between their emotions and an archaic expectation that was conceived when the average life expectancy was 30. Monogamy is a wonderful way to maintain what the church and the state would call "social order" and, more importantly, to ensure paternity to hand wealth down to offspring.

Things are different now.




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