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There will be omens and memes

Catnarok is the long-awaited epic battle between Longcat and Tacgnol, or Tacgnol dna Longcat. This cosmic battle has been foretold since the beginning of time.

Harbingers and signs of what is to come

Ceiling cat will warn Anonymous that Catnarok is nigh. It will be the meow of doom. The Internet Hate Machine will begin to operate at maximum force. Limecat will not be amused. Happy Snake will be happy. The pool will be closed. Raptor Jesus will go extinct. Auschwitz will be fired up again. Gay porn will be posted on every MySpace page. All iPods will be stolen. Curtains will be drawn. LOL will be corrupted. No dogs will be left to buy. All furfags will be yiffing in hell. Lazers will be charged to previously unknown levels.

It will be the Day of Reckoning.

The most awesome thing the world has ever witnessed


Longcat and Tacgnol will meet at the chosen ground on Caturday and begin their long, sacred battle. This battle between light and darkness will endure for a thousand æons, but the passage of time will seem like just a few seconds. It will be an even match, a purrfect balance, so neither can fail. It will thus be an epic win, as the world is cleansed of faggotry and AIDS.

After the end

The Result

After Catnarok, Longcat and Tacgnol will rest as one. The world will be fresh and unspoiled and full of joy. Everyone will eat delicious cockcaek. All flavors of cat food will be on sale. Time will begin again, the two halves of the great feline will split and Catnarok will once again be foretold, the signs and memes will be made manifest and the ancient cycle of Catnarok will continue endlessly.

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