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When you are a caveman, cum gets trapped in your beard.

A Caveman is someone from at least 100 years ago, before the Internet, or a person who still considers 'All your base are belong to us' to still be fucking hilarious. Geico insurance has an advertising campaign featuring Cavemen that you would have to be a Caveman yourself to not know about. Cavemen get offended by their slogan that their website is "so easy a caveman could do it", even though everyone knows there just saying "so easy a nigger could do it".

Over the years, there have actually been several documented cases of cavemen. Much discussion has ensued over the title of who was the "original" caveman on the promised land. Proponents of the LiveVideo version Caveman, have argued that as he was discovered first, and appears to be the least advanced on an evolutionary scale, he is in fact the original unfrozen caveman. While this argument is very convincing, each known caveman has his own supporters.

The TV show

A new show called Caveman is on the hit channel ABC. In the premiere, much faggotry and fail commenced. The show seems to revolve around a group of cavemen who have to cope with a world that looks down on them, so its confirmed that cavemen are niggers. One is a loser that works at Home Depot or some shit and fucks his girlfriend every episode. The second is a liberal speaker who, like any liberal, has no real job but to moan and bitch about every thing. The last one is a dumbass gamer who can't get any pussy since he works for ABC. They often mistake anything for blatant racism, since they represent niggers, so in some ways it is funny seeing niggas like that.


"I LOVE SCRIPTS!!!!!!!!!", Caveman
Caveman in his earlier years before LiveVideo. This has not been photoshoped

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