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Lj-favicon.png Cdaae (suspendered) is the ultimate in otakukin insanity.

Having joined LiveJournal at a young age, Ms Daaé discovered upon studying the site that she was, in fact, the incarnation of the fictional character Christine Daaé from Gaston Leroux's epic classic, Phantom of the Opera.

Where most otakukin retreat further and further into their own private madness, Ms Daaé discovered an inner core of purest evil which could be unleashed when somebody attacked her fanfiction.

Cue Meele, a mule furry who had decided that, in order to keep the bloodlines pure, she must breed with somebody who'd worn the mask of Raoul. It so happened that a performance of Phantom of the Opera played near Meele, inciting her to try to kidnap the male lead.

Alas, said male lead was often used to scratch Ms Daaé's back. It had been a hot summer, so Ms Daaé was very protective of her backscratcher.

Ms Daaé and a few of her noxious associates managed to make Meele quit LJ until Meele came back and then possibly quit again and now seems to be back but is probably gone again.

Hounded out by everyone!

Her sockpuppets include Cdaae, Cdaae13, iwrotetherules, and Phantom of the Opera singer Sarah Brightman.

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