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Ceiling cat in Wonderland
Beware, indeed.

Ceiling Cat refers to a photographic image of a concerned-looking cat whose head appears poking out through a hole in somebody's ceiling. This image has become universally recognized by all denizens of the Tubes as a sign of wonder, an icon of fear, and a source of lulz.

In the mythos of memedom, Ceiling Cat is the analog of God.

Mythology and Powers

Ceiling Cat is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnivorous. (See: om nom nom nom.) He is known to enter houses and poke his head through holes in the ceiling to watch people masturbate. If there's no hole in your ceiling, he'll make one. Some consider this to be an invasion of privacy, but who are we to question Ceiling Cat?

Ceiling Cat is benevolent, but just. If he does not approve of something, he is known to destroy entire planets with his deadly eye lazers, which is why noone complains.

PROTIP: Ceiling Cat can never be defeated. He may, however, be temporarily defied. And as a result, you will be defiled. As he is deified.

Now Anon's heart was filled with unclean lusts, and in secret Anon uncovered his own nakedness to spill his seed and defile himself with it.

And all these things were done in the sight of CEILING CAT.


"BEHOLD, Anon defiles himself and lusts after abominations: to lie with mankind as with womankind, and to commit abominations with four-footed beasts, and with furries, and with every creeping thing. Let us slay Anon, that the people may know that I am CEILING CAT."

And so CEILING CAT slew Anon in his sin, and left him in his nakedness covered in spunk. And his parents wailed and gnashed their teeth, and the people cried out to CEILING CAT, and offered sacrifice, and repented of their fapping in sackcloth and ashes.

The offerings of the people were fragrant and pleasing to CEILING CAT, and He spared those who repented of their fapping and strove to live righteously before CEILING CAT.



  • The original Ceiling Cat photo was purportedly taken by TOW fag samguana, owner of Ceiling Cat's fleshly avatar.
  • In Canada, Ceiling Cat is allowed to set up shop in your home according to section 487(4) of the criminal code.
Ceiling cat's penis
  • Ceiling Cat is a real cat whose existence is denied by Republicans and Jews.
  • Ceiling Cat can never be associated with a girl playing Warhammer.
  • Longcat is the divine son of Ceiling cat

The Prophecy

Long ago, Ceiling Cat's favorite kitten, Lightcat, rebelled against Ceiling Cat. Seeking to become Top Cat, Lightcat recruited one third of the cats in Cat Heaven and attempted to drive C.C. out. Of course, he was immediately pwned by Ceiling Cat, who cast him out of Cat Heaven (located somewhere in the Ceiling) and into Cat Hell (located somewhere in the Basement). Thus chastised, Lightcat became one with the darkness; assuming the name Basement Cat, he and his fallen feline followers (known as Devil Cats) took on a new mission: to drag as many cats as they could down with them.

It is said that someday Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat will meet in final battle. This day will come at the end of time itself and should not be confused with Catnarok, which is a cyclical "cleansing of the cosmic litterbox" and not a final apocalypse. At the end, the prophecy says, all beings (human and feline) will be judged by Ceiling Cat on their actions towards others. People who have been mean to cats will be told to GTFO and will dwell in the darkness below with Basement Cat for all time. Those who have shown kindness to cats (and humans) will live on in bliss in Cat Heaven.


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