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Pussies Fighting.gif CelticBrony is in an internet sissy fight with Ghost.
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CelticBrony is a Canadian troll terrorist brony faggot, known for his work on trolling the BTR host Ghost. CelticBrony is known for his many remixes of Ghost's broadcasts, and, for a short while, was actually a decent troll. Until shit hit the fan. Also pranksterpinkiepie's butt buddy. He's a known pedophile and a regular customer of BadDragon. He also faps to ponies, and is pretty much not attracted to humans. Ghostfags blame him for Ghost leaving and fap to shopped pictures of his dead body


CelticBrony was well known for his True Capitalist Radio remixes. And that's the only thing people liked him for. No joke. Usually, CelticBrony would play his remixes to Ghost during the broadcast, making a big deal before "officially releasing" them. And Ghost, being the troll that he is, starts to fake rage and yells "GO SHOVE A FOUR LEAF CLOVER UP YOUR ASS" and "GET 'EM OFF, ENGINEER!!!!". Celtic is one of the many, poor, misinformed trolls that think Ghost ACTUALLY rages during his broadcast. Wiser trolls know that this is a plow to get more listeners, and love him for it.

Troll War III

(taken from the True Capitalist Wiki)

Troll War III was sparked by Celtic Brony's many attempts to dox Ghost,all of which ended in failure. Ghost announced that he would not do any more broadcasts until Celtic Brony, himself, was doxed.

The larger masses of Ghost's Fanbase immediately started trying to dox Celtic Brony, breaking the whole fanbase up into small factions, those siding with Ghost, and those siding with Celtic, the most notable individual to side with Celtic Brony being Twitter-favicon.png PranksterPinkiePie [Deleted]. After a day or so, Celtic Brony was successfully doxed, and Prankster Pinkie Pie was also doxed as well not long after, for siding with Celtic Brony.

In the Aftermath of Troll War III, Celtic Brony deleted both his Twitter and YouTube accounts. However, before deleting his Twitter Account, he dropped one final link in the early hours of February 1st, 2012 - a YouTube Channel. It is presumably where Celtic Brony was going next, but upon clicking the link, YouTube states that Celtic Brony has closed this account too. His last video up was entitled "RIP CelticBrony," so the widely accepted theory is that he quit trolling after becoming a universally hated attention whore.

Celtic Brony's current activities and remaining forms of contact are unknown at this time. Notably, he has not shut down his TinyChat. A troll appears to have opened a fake Twitter Account called "Ceitic Brony", stating in one of his first Tweets that it was merely for confessions, nothing more. He also has a Xbox Live account. His last time online is unknown.

As of Dec. 2013, Celtic Brony has once again returned with a new YouTube account by the name Celtic Deity. Mostly his videos consist of the same old retarded splices he did while Ghost was still on the air. There are a few making claims to reform the "Capitalist Army", with Celtic using a voice distorter to sound less like the pathetic small dicked pussy basement dweller he is, and that all the events that had transpired during Troll Wars III were an inside job between him and Ghost. He also goes on to state that the whole message of Ghost was to get people off of the internet. However, none of this seems likely, and being that Celtic is a known attention whore, and that Ghost did a three hours broadcast 5 days a week, making it either the most hypocritical attempt to get people to take the blue pill, or the most inept method ever to get people off of the internet. This is most likely yet another in a long line of pathetic attempts by former trolls of Ghost to regain some attention being that without Ghost, they reduced to their natural state of being, useless diarrhea people, without enough intelligence or character to find some other cannibal troll to harass.


Coltin Lockert
115 6th Avenue
North Warman, SK, S0K 4S0, Canada

https://pastebin.com/3Ck9Dp9U https://hastebin.com/okobisanur.scala https://justpaste.it/15xe3 http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/0BOJ5O

MaskedPony dropped the Dox Bomba on CelticBrony

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Twitter-favicon.png CelticBrony Protected Deleted his tweets, lol.


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