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Cephalopods refer to anything that is known to invade teh vagina. Also, a cause of feminism. Because of the Law of your mom, a person with gender cannot become a Cephalopod, even through unbirthing. If something is old meme, then chances are it is somehow related to Cephalopods. Every bad video, online quiz, journal, and forum has a Cephalopod in it. You yourself may have a Cephalopod in you. No, don't look. You'll just make it angry.

Thanks to the invention of asslink connections, parts of the internet can now become Cephalopods. Theoretically, an azn could fit an entire forum up there. All she needs to do is take the Asslink out of her ass and put it where her cell phone goes.

While sometimes visibly similar to encephalopods, which invade one's brain, they are quite different.


A Cephalopod in action
The original posting.

Most Cephalopods are impartial regarding their choice of cunt. The fact that some cunts posses more Cephalopods has more to do with the way they are exchanged. For some, Cephalopods are like Pokemon; the more you have the bigger your girpenis. It is very important that, before spelunking, the diver check for Cephalopods. Most Cephalopods do not get aggro on visitors unless attacked or threatened with crushing, though some Cephalopod's natural food source is any intruder in its current home.

Female motorists should be careful during crab migration season.

Top 21 Varieties

  1. Centipede
  2. Dictionary
  3. Eel
  4. Squidward
  5. Crabs
  6. Isopods
  7. Asslink
  8. Tentacles
  9. Sand
  10. Dildo
  11. Octopi
  12. Killer Condoms
  13. Candle
  14. Killer Bees
  15. Babies
  16. Broomhandle
  17. Camel spider
  18. The common household cock
  19. Terrorists
  20. Kraken's ghost
  21. Cthulhu
  22. ????
  23. Profit!
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