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Cerebus is a black-and-white furry comic series starring a talking Aardvark. It started at least 100 years ago as a poorly-drawn Conan the Barbarian parody and ended last Thursday as a somewhat-better-drawn narrative and philosophical trainwreck. At 300 issues and over 6,000 pages Cerebus is the longest-running originally English-language comic book series ever by a single creative team definition of TL;DR.

Cerebus is most notable as a record of the mental disintegration of its Canadian author, Dave Sim, who over the course of its creation went batshit insane, became a radical anti-feminist, and bored his readers with endless pages of non-comics whining about the opposite sex. He insisted that this opposition to feminism didn't make him a misogynist, despite metaphysical discourses in which Every other Word is Capitalized for Emphasis about how the "Female Void devours the Male Light" [1] and passionate arguments in favor of rape (srsly).

What the feminists and their ventriloquist puppet husbands are talking about doing with Government-Funded Daycare is raising children as if they were a herd of interchangeable swine. No surprise coming from a gender which has no ethics, no scruples, no sense of right and wrong.


—Dave Sim, not a misogynist

He then declared himself a fundamentalist Muslim (one religion wasn't crazy enough for him, so he read the Jew, Bible, and Qu'ran and decided to combine the crazy from all three). He now gets his kicks from fasting, not touching his penis, praying, not letting anybody else touch his penis, alms-giving, and trying to pretend he doesn't have a penis. Dave's conversion to this unique form of conservatism caused much drama among people who take comics seriously, and simply mentioning his name can be an effective trolling technique in comics forums.[2]

The originator of the thread referenced above, summed the situation up very succinctly and in delicious lulzy fashion thus:

Just stop for a moment, Danny, amidst the turmoil and travails that is your daily existence, and consider this; Lets say you, yourself, had drawn 300 issues of a comicbook about an aardavark. Then, to add insult to injury, you started having deep and penetrating insights on the subject of man/woman relationships, and the whole biological/physiological ramifications of that, pertaining to the conclusion that those damn cunts are just no damn good. And then, on top of that, as if your over-worked brain wasn't already teeming (veritably) with sharp and keen insight in that regard. You then, decided to read the holy scripture (editing out those tainted chapters written by those no good, vaginally-impaired Biblical prophets) and somehow added Muhammad as the final word -- from Moses to Jesus to Muhammad (it all makes perfect sense after 300 some issues of an aardvark-infested comicbook manifesto). And then, on top of that, you subjected yourself to endless critical abuse from the razor-sharp mind of no less than Gary Groth.


—acebackwords, bringing the truth

Sim was hospitalized in 2015 for what turned out to be an impacted colon, confirming what everyone already knew - that he was literally full of shit.

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