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It's a sad, sad day on the internets when an atheist on a LiveJournal community called Challenging_God is criticised for being a fundie.

Lj-favicon.png challenging_god is a LiveJournal community for debate and discussion of religion. It may come as a bitter disappointment to Christians that unlike Richard Dawkins or many Youtubers Challenging_God is nowhere near as fundamentalist as the average atheist. Although that's not saying much.

Initially, the community was meant as a dare to Christians to try to prove that God exists, so that atheists could get cheap lulz. The community moderator, Lj-favicon.png advoir (formerly Lj-favicon.png neven), then accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, and now things are somewhat less argumentative.

The comm is notable for launching the LJ career of Robin Artisson. As always happens with Robin, however, he got tired of not having everything revolve around him, so he created Lj-favicon.png faith_vs_reason as an "anything-goes" alternative comm. That lasted until Ricochet rabbit called Robin an anti-Semite and was banned by one of his sockpuppets.


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