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Check out Mariano Rivera in the background, laughing his ass off.

Chan Ho Park is an asian MLB pitcher. At least 100 years ago, he gave up TWO GRAND SLAMS IN THE SAME INNING. To add more lulz, it was to the same guy who hit the first grand slam (a mexican of course). During the opening week the 2010 season of MLB, Park got rocked harded during a game against the Red Sox, thus making the Yankees lose the game. His excuse? Diarrhea of course! What else could cause such a shitty performance like that?

Other Quotes

How much diarrhoea did you have?
i laughed so hard i almost shit myself.


sfk187...badum pish!

이제 양키스에서 확실히 큰자리를 차지한것 같다

팀원들과의 친숙한 분위기도 그렇고,,,

사실 보는사람도 웃긴다 ㅎㅎㅎ

박선수 힘내시고요

양키펜으로서 부탁 합니다 앞으로 좋은 경기 부탁합니다

덕분에 올여름은 즐겁겠군요



now he's on the DL - Diarrhea List


sherbear2345...OH U

hey you are an asshole~! The person laughing at him isn't even American. Why are you such a bastard?  It's ignorant people like you that fucking ruins everything. This is why youtube is such trash. The internet can't have nice things!


—more sherbear2345

LOL i'm Korean and I'm pretty fucking sure I know more about your country than you do. Dumbass Americans can wipe my ass.


limchi7 might just be trying to make a joke.

have you been to korea? and have you been to manhattan? can you dare say that manhattan is cleaner, more advanced than seoul? you dare cannot say that. no one who has been to both cities cannot say that.


—Comment from jesseleeroy who is obviously Korean...and butthurt.

He must have eaten some bad flied lice that caused his diallhea.


dat's wassiss!

아놔 웃겨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ왜 웃긴지 모르고 물어볼때 너무 귀여우셔 찬호형님~ 미국에선 설사 애기하는게 되게 사적인거라 미국사람들이 볼때 되게 웃겻나봐요 ㅎㅎㅎ



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