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Chaos-the-fox is an ugly asshole who thinks he is God's gift to women. He is a sonic freak, much like other deviants. He will flirt with as many 16 year old girls as he can every day and claims them. If he finds out they have a pedophi-- boyfriend already, he'll call them horrible names. Another situation is when the girl DOES go out with him, god forbid, and then they dump him. He will go nuts and call them every name under the sun. When they find someone better, which no doubt they will, he makes fun of them because he confessed to them his love for the cock.

Despite saying he's older, he is actually a 13 year old boy. He likes making people think he's older so that mens will make him the buttsecks, but when they find out that he's lying about his age, they hate him even more.

He loves to call himself ugly just to get people to leave comments like thisthis and this. It's too bad that he wants everyone to lie about him, but I guess lying, to him, is better than the truth.

An RL picture of Chaos-The-Fox, post-fall into dark wangsty abyss.
His character

He has a lot of main characters, all named Chaos, and has to make sure that all of them have a wife/girlfriends. They're all pretty gay and their bodies are all made up of muscles.

His wonderful spelling

He's fighting with one of his "loves of his life"

Like most losers on the internets, Chaos has the worst spelling anyone can imagine. [1]

But don't ever tell him that his spelling is wrong or he might call you a "fagget". If you insult him, you should took him (out of your fanclubs)

His Fanclub

Omgz a chaos fanclub??1/1/1/1/!!! i wnt 2 join!!11!!

Yes, no doubt about it, he has a fanclub! But since no one wanted to join, he had to post peoples's avatars on his journal and then beg them to join. He also refuses to join other people's fanclubs, stingy little bastard.

Zoomgz! CHAOS!!!

As you may notice, he has almost no art. In fact, the only shit in his gallery are 3 IDs and a desktop. The cockrag blocks hides all the comments on his front page, so if you're flaming him, screen the hell outta that shit for some lulz. Even though people say they'll make art for his club, they never do. Because he sucks!


I <3 U, U LEZZ.

Here I shall post links to all the girls he flirts with shamelessly... He deserves a SLAP!

Apparently he doesn't give a shit about his girlfriend and keeps asking his "girl pals" to draw pics of his character and theirs having buttsex. Everytime he posts on the pictures, he has cybersex with the girls.

Edit: Once one of his past girlfriends actually attempted to break up with him, sensibly, because he was treating her like shit, he decided it was a good idea to cyber-bitchslap her, call her a lesbian bitch, and say she was OH SO JELOUS THAT HE HAD A BETTER GIRL. Less than an hour later, however, he hit on her AGEEN, saying he loved how she "dispized" him. However, upon investigation, it was discovered that he only said these things because he had gone batshit that his new girlfriend had dumped him as well, and replaced her with another girl he thought to be a furwhore. PICTURES COME SOON, LULZ.

Proof of his Homosexuality

gay man
Someone uncovered something important

On Feb 27, 2007, Chaos's "sister" made a poll asking deviants to vote which sonic guy they'd like to see Chaos with. Why he just DIDN'T MAKE THE POLL intrigues many.

Strangely enough, whenever he wants to see what people think of him, he suddenly says he has a brother or 
Artist's Comments
Yeah, halloween, My bro and i were bored, so i gave him a WWE belt, and bought him a John Cena shirt, 
and yes...gave him my HAT.... And we took some pictures

MyBro: Soooo? what do you think ladies? :3

He has also been known for roleplaying with a guy 12 times, if not more.

His Nicknames

  • Bub
  • Chaos
  • Bubba
  • Lester
  • Bob


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