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Yiff! Yiff! Yiff! Yiff! Yiff! Yiff!

Here he proudly admitts hes indeed a sick fuck.

Charles-wolfman is a DeviantART user whom enjoys his animal companions in many wrong ways. Worse than a furry, he is a zoophile, and he is very proud of his sickening disorder. His DevianTart profile is filled with screencaps and zoophile rights propaganda. He was raided by in back when it hosted /i/, and much drama ensued.


A rabid fanboy (no doubt contracting the disease from a scritching session), has identified Mr. Wolfman as a victim of the KKK or some radical Nazis. Wolfman's plight has been compared to the one faced by the victims of 9/11, and all who disagree with him must be followers of the twisted cult known as Islam.

I'm in ur Gaia Online, Posting ur Info

After a 7chan raid, as well as being reported to several animal protection groups in his area, Charles-wolfman received some friendly messages, possibly as a result of his personal information being made public on /i/.

bagoflazers (6:33:19 PM): HAI
charleywolfman (6:33:33 PM): erm
charleywolfman (6:33:35 PM): hello
bagoflazers (6:33:42 PM): is this maxine?
charleywolfman (6:33:55 PM): no, im sorry
bagoflazers (6:33:59 PM): OH
bagoflazers (6:34:00 PM): MY
bagoflazers (6:34:00 PM): GOD
charleywolfman (6:34:05 PM): youve imd the wrong person
charleywolfman (6:34:18 PM): either that or someone thinks im somone im not
bagoflazers (6:34:32 PM): ARE YOU IN THE CAR?
charleywolfman (6:34:38 PM): erm
charleywolfman (6:34:39 PM): no
charleywolfman (6:34:43 PM): im in my room
bagoflazers (6:34:49 PM): HE'S COMING FOR YOU

charleywolfman (6:35:55 PM): where did you get my im address?
charleywolfman (6:36:03 PM): id really like to know
bagoflazers (6:36:05 PM): I STOLED IT
bagoflazers (6:36:07 PM): LOL, INTERNETS
charleywolfman (6:36:18 PM): where on the interenet?
charleywolfman (6:36:23 PM): like, what website?
bagoflazers (6:36:31 PM): YES
bagoflazers (6:36:38 PM): ITS POSTED EVERYWHERE ON GAIA
charleywolfman (6:36:40 PM): cause i dont even know you
bagoflazers (6:36:41 PM): HGHHAHAHA
charleywolfman (6:36:43 PM): gaia?
bagoflazers (6:36:47 PM): GAIA
bagoflazers (6:36:52 PM): -nods-
charleywolfman (6:36:56 PM): ahha
charleywolfman (6:36:56 PM): ok
charleywolfman (6:37:15 PM): gaia online?
bagoflazers (6:37:21 PM): no
bagoflazers (6:37:24 PM): G
bagoflazers (6:37:24 PM): A
bagoflazers (6:37:25 PM): I
bagoflazers (6:37:25 PM): A
bagoflazers (6:37:34 PM): YOU KNOW, GAIA ONLINE

His demand for explanations of how you acquired SEEKRIT information such as his aim screenname (charleywolfman) is generally repeated ad nauseam, leading some to believe that he is not only a sick fuck but also autistic.


Charles-wolfman, like a lot of other sick fucks, was also featured briefly at Kick the Freak.


and for the record, I d(o) write erotic poetry about my zoophillic adventures, that much should be obvious from my galleries.


no I dont do requests, especially not stories with...pokemon?


why would you even want to have se(x) with a mudkip?!


Other known Facts

Charles-wolfman is known to be an Open Source pundit, or at least in his mind. He advocates Open Office and Firefox, but he can't install a Linux distro for shit. He is a Mac user. He also makes all his art in the Gimp, which basically means he just runs a filter on photos and calls it art.

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