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Chathour\Weirdtown is a chat website that's been up and running for over 10 fucking years now, and its level of pedophiles, creepers and general degenerates to the society seems to be on the steady rise.The sudden influx of Indian cowfuckers has been greatly increased due to the fact that they have moar access to the internets as opposed to 10 years ago but that's only part of the problem Arabs have also stormed the castle so to speak with this site extending their propaganda in it like a bad fucking cancer that won't go away, promoting jihad-ism and being the main cause your society hates you. That being said, spammers and trolls get the most attention and love from admiring fans of that site because of their outlandish behavior and retarded wit

The typical Chathour user is a stupid ignorant Nazi that's too pussy to fucking take it outside and niggers with overly high false egos coupled with sexually frustrated Indians and Arabs with homosexual tendencies. In addition, you have the furries with a room dedicated to themselves because the creators of this website have a gay fetish for cock and the troll population of this website consists of a handful of retards spamming and generally making the paranoid shut-in population of the website feel bad about themselves.

The worst part of it is the pedophiles that constantly roam the rooms looking for young girls to e-deflower, all of these people when confronted about their addiction to Chathour laugh and brush it aside.

If you ever visit this site be sure to make yourself out to be a 13yr old girl with cute pics because we know you're also fucked in the head and will do possibly that to get some penis. You will then notice your IM (instant message) or PM (private message) being flooded by Indians and perverts. That isn't new since all the emos there are attention whores and do revel in that kind of shit. Seeing as you were asked to make a "fake" profile you will find that 70% of the people who use the site are fake, it just makes sense to create a fake profile yourself to fit in; Here is a website of Chathour fakes created by users of the site who themselves have sad lives. That being said and done the normal population of this chat website usually reside in friendly chat.


A typical Chathour debate on who's a bigger douchebag.

There are 18 rooms to chat in, all premade. They include:

  • Main (censored) where all the freaks,Indians, pedos, and all of the fore-mentioned tards lurk and fap.

grow very upset at spammers and trollers ruining their flirt time with the women. it seems these people have a tight nit group they call themselves "the gang" bunch of whiney ass nigger lovers that any legit black person would hate to be associated with, they run the room with an iron fist and to get recognized to spoken to in that room you must first be accepted by any one of the members in "the gang" they insist on KAPZ LAWK spamming each others names upon greetings insisting to be obnoxious and unwittingly rude,unbenounced to the pedophiles and Indians and Arabs, these neo nazis enjoy trolling anyone they deem stupid, retarded, "creepy" or ugly their conversations revolve around what this user said to that user last night and last week because she had rp sex with that guy even tho she was married to that other guy.

Trying to keep up with this room is like trying to beat up a 6yr old kid with downs syndrome while he's having a fit, you will not understand how you got there and leaving will be an issue if you have low self esteem. the best thing to do in a situation where you're getting trolled by one of these massive cawks is to giggle and pretend you are retarded, they banter only with those who possess half a wit; arabs are frowned upon there aswell as everywhere on this site, i would suggest snorting copious amounts of cocaine before entering this room to appear amused and or cool,the gang revolves around a few main players some who wish not to be named. if you suck the cock of any one of the mentioned humans, you will be greeted with open arms by the rest of the room for you are now their bitch, they are mostly white and do not hesitate to throw racial slurs at any nigger indian arab or any minority race that crosses their paths. "the gang" mostly constast of rednecks that have nothing better to do but make trolls out of themselves while in denial of their own trolling behaviour.

Notable Trolls

  • Funnyorange,(Originator),funny He is very well known throughout the Chatrooms and is a scourge to all the "fakes and pedophiles" also if you are female and are looking to feel bad about yourself please do IM or PM him, he will make you feel bad, His trolling techniques include using CAPS LOCK sparingly and misc banter that will make you go blind do not cross paths with him, he will shit on you and then wipe it off after his semen dries off in your pussy. He has an overwhelming fan base of haters that all <3 the vitamin D that he seems to hand out on a regular basis, contrary to popular belief he is not a pedophile; his fan base is so it's fitting for the fans to envisage him as a pedophile to suit their own fetishes.
  • Pigsmakebacon,Bacon,Dude,Ihatekittens,Kittens Will respond to any of those, i suggest not using "dude" as of yet, if you are arab it's advisable not to be in the same room with him he is relentless and has as much of a fanbase as the previously mentioned 'Oringinator' also a spamming meister that loves to make losers feel bad about themselves if you are a furry/bronie/hardcore anime faggot, or just middle eastern, you have found your worst enemy. YES, he does hate kittens, NO he will not sign your asscheeks, if you are not too fond of spammers then you're in luck he deals it out in gigabites and HACKZ0RZz his IP so he is immortal as guest. His fanbase include old men who pose as him often failing miserably to pick up old fat women in their 50s. most of his fans are too sexually insecure to admit their obvious cuckoldry and resort to anonymity.
  • LenxKagamine02, Len, Len-san, Len-Shota Kun. A troll that is referred to as the scourge of anime (also resides in Dias realm of faggotry), although his demeanor is of the typical anifaggot do not be fooled, his words and techniques were taught to him by Kurt with a flare of his own intuition, he trolls similarly to Kurt but doesn't spam as often because he seems to be the new generation of less retard. He is relentless on everything he considers boring or hostile, he simply does not give a fuck a trait he picked up from getting fail trolled by countless faggots over the years, he has grown to be a nice douche-bag but a douche-bag nonetheless as drilled into him by his faggot mentor. Len does not die, he simply fucks with your mind and rapes your soul until you think he has left the realm only to wake you up with his nuts over your face. He is the monster hiding in chuck norrises' closet. Ladies he is the bad boy of anime, he will treat you like a princess made of gold if you are special to him, coupled with his intelligence he can charm anything due to his Russian background, which he and his master seem to both share. Do not forget he is a troll at heart so changing him will be a mammoth task thru all the faggotry of RP and smiles his wit is sharp something drilled into him countless times by Kurt, that aside he does know how to RP and does know what the fuck else is out there. word of advise, don't take him lightly.

If you are unfortunate enough to meet any of the mentioned trolls, it is advisable you log out because they are in cahoots with each other,they make the website want to an hero. and make baby Jesus cry. There is one special mention of Hannity, baldcooters, call him superman but his style and technique are of a dyslexic bipolar 10 year old. He is a lovable character that brings smiles to the faces of the disgruntled people in main chat (unlimited) and adult chat. if you get called out by him, he notices your presence as a human, feel honored.

The general Population

  • Lesbians, general cock hating breed of humans that believe every man alive should be castrated and wrung our to dry like a piece of lathered shit. These lezb0z proceed to finger and tongue fuck each other in PMs and private rooms with shitty grammar and sex loopholes so big it dwarfs their loose pussies in comparison, there is a special breed of "lesbian trolls" that lurk around lesbian chat and "bisexual chat" sometimes daring into "main chat" for a bit of fun, these trolls have too much testosterone running thru their inferior brains they think they can "take on anyone". By stealing pictures off a victim usually ugly and fat. They start by making up some wild backdrop story based on loose facts and troll fellow lesbians, usually to feel better about themselves for not being as ugly as the one they troll and rant on about old "pictures/conversations" you will notice a "lezb troll" by her ugly personality and the lapdog of a human (usually male) she keeps around to beat off other trolls with.
  • Christfags, there is simply no end to the retarded shittery these christians seem to conjure out of their anal cavaties they are usually trolled by a lone female warrior armed with logic, facts and a fucking whip, cause most of the men in "christian" chat are secretly closeted homosexuals willing to take it naughty for the strong individual female who rocks their world, other christians in there are too caught up over white supremacy faggotry ready to jump on any nigger jew or halfbreed that they don't class as "human" , You also have genuine christians who want to spread the word of god with a bit of cheese they get drowned out very quickly by muslims who shit down the throats of all these faggots attempting to convert these fucking heathen infidels.
  • Heartbreak is similar to Bisexual, the only difference being Bisexual is filled with women who love the dick and the vagina but heartbreak is filled with tards who are overly nice and genuinely sad, not heartbroken but sad in an individualistic sort of way.
  • Animechat -Drops pants- -does harlem shake- -your eyes fucking explode from mother earths cum due to the immense orgasm my harlem shake created- -all life ceased to exist- , the typical faggotry one might expect from this room coupled with cute smileys xD O_o there is always some level of pathetic drama being played out albeit in RP or out of RP there is always lulz to be had if you know when to look and who to ask.
  • Black chat welcum 2 da h00d niqqa dis room dedicated to dem phat ass white gurls dat want dey ass to be fucked by soem blak dck yo an diz where all dem niggaz be at $waggin hmu white gurls. There seems to be a conglomerate of nigger loving jews and Nigger hating inbred white scum in it to, enter at own sanity. There is one notable user there that seems to overcome all of his "haters" and adversaries, simply not giving a fuck and 'just keep swimming' not by trolling but by standing firm to his steeled ego and moral views if you go there to troll realism you will be in for a rude awakening he will not yeild and is thick headed as a full blooded Russian .
  • Furry chat *sees other furry* *drops pants* *yiffing ensues* Furry chat is a user created chat created by the faggot known as bloodxangel. while being there it can be noted that you will be banned for pretty much everything and you will not even be given a warning. Blood states that he thinks the room is fine but he also chooses mods poorly so there isn't much to go off from that.

Hardcore Trolls, Catfish, & Creeps

Are you a ChatHour member? If so, then you might know these ones.


AKA HotSerena100, SuperHotSerena, and many others... A long time ago she was better known as HOTMELISSA but she has decided to change it and she is the one who knows why the fuck she did that. She specializes in cursing at each and every fucker who dares to say a single word while she is around! No matter if you are straight, faggot, lesbo, young, old, etc. She just does not fail! Her ability to curse at everyone has no boundaries. If you are unlucky enough to stumble upon her, then God Bless you!

Serena is a proud Aussie lesbian with a strong dislike of blacks, Indians, muslims, and Danny Santos who is obviously gay. Serena has spilled so much whiskey into her keyboard it is permanently stuck on caps-lock. Don't be fooled by her cute face, she doesn't want to talk to you.

note: You may want to avoid PM messaging her as her note states: (paraphrases) "DO NOT MESSAGE ME i only chat in CHAT ROOMS, retarded cyber sex predators btw fuck islam and shit on indians niggers australians muslims pakis turks egyptians pedos canadians irish, I WILL PUT YOUR ID PIC AND IP ADDRESS ON FACEBOOK HOPE YOU GET RECOGNISED"



AKA KURTINATOR or whatever shitty weekly name he decides to choose... This fucker has nothing better to do than go to each and every room and spam his repetitive well known phrase: Suck the cock of Kurt. You think he is some sort of newest Einstein? Take a look at his picture and figure that out yourself... Don't bother calling him a Troll because he does not consider himself as one, such a genius, don't you think? He and HOTSERENA had a rough start with him confessing his love for her all over the rooms until he disappeared only to turn up again like a bad cancer, it's speculated she has feelings for him .



Though known by the name funnyorange, he isn't funny! This fagis actually boring as fuck. His only talent is to constantly visit each and every room looking for badly needed attention by being nasty, basically . funnyorange prides himself on having a large fanbase from his years of constant trolling and is extremely proud of giving shit to suspected pedophiles. (His definition of a pedo is anyone older than him) A better look at his fanbase involves lots of underage girls with daddy issues and a plethorae of sexually frustrated older men who are jealous of the fact that he gets the attention of these prepubescent pussy also jealous about his raging heterosexuality since they are gay themselves, of course he maintains close ties with other trolls. Some chatters also claim to have his home phone number. Feel free to ask around about both of these facts for confirmation.



AKA SWEETBACON or IHATEKITTENS or whatever shit he decides to be... You know. This one it's a self called "Fake Hunter". He knows he can spot a fake profile as soon as he sees it! Here it is the trick: he downloads the victim's picture and then goes to google reverse image search and once he gets to know that the picture is from somewhere else, another website for example, he starts telling everyone about it. he is just one more genius just because he does know how to use Google reverse image search. Maybe in his mind he thinks he is the Savior himself just because he caught someone that in fact pretends to be another one, get it? lulz That's even ironic since it comes from Also he loves to discuss about how all Muslims are the scums of the earth and should rot in hell for all eternity you can always see him saying lovely things about arabs people very often!



Also known by thousand others nicknames, all of them with some sort of disruptive context related to black people. This fucking asshole is the most annoying-worst fucking troll ever! Not to mention the fact that he has a kind of dark obsession for black people. The only thing this stupid dumb shit does is to flood the hell out of every room by saying tons of bullshit about black people! I don't know what's wrong with this guy, really. Maybe some big black guy with a 32" dick fucked his mother so bad and then got her pregnant and he(WHITEPOWER) is the result of this screw! That's may be the reason why he so much hate black people, he may not stand the fact that he has come to this world right from the balls of some big black guy, I think. Maybe he got so fucking bullied when he was a kid like Everybody Hates Chris TV Show, you know? But the opposite situation: he was the only white kid who had a black father and a blonde mother! lulz I think you get the picture, don't you? All the kids calling him like "Look! If it isn't the white Nigga! His mom and dad are a nice couple... Chocolate Milk! " I almost feel sorry for him... I said almost. hehehe



AKA MOOBIES or BIATCHTITTIES AKA ZARAH - You could call him a Gentleman! He loves to take long walks in those stinky-nasty ChatHour hills. He is usually watching everybody's movements to see if there is some kind of weird behaviour involved. Now and then someone messes with him and all of a sudden he multiplies himself up to, at least, 1080 different profiles and starts flooding the hell out of the room. Don't even blink or you will miss all the fun like when you got to know that he insulted you he already insulted you 10 times! When it comes to have a thousand profiles he is just the king! I can't even think of start writing all the "legit" profiles I have already seen him using because, to be honest, I lost track of them all long time ago. Everyday he comes with a new one, everyday! You think he gets tired or even bored or has a lack of creativity to think of new nicknames? Pffft.... Remember, he is the king! lulz Sometimes you see someone spamming something about Stand's scrap are being sold on E-bay... Wanna check it out? It's up to you!



AKA ANDY CANDY This guy is repetitive, self-absorbed, and a royal pain in the ass. He'll tell others they are "old and balding" while he himself mysteriously remains 39 years old.... for the last decade. Its not uncommon to see him around claiming that he really is an Ex Actor-Model. Also that he is way prettier than Brad Pit and Tom Cruise! His beauty, according to him, can only be compared to the beauty of the most beautiful bitch that sells her body on the streets for $0.99 cents! He feeds his ego by going to ChatHour and fighting with everyone that dares to say that he is not as pretty as he brags he is. Harrison Ford? Mel Gibson? George Clooney? Forget it! They are not even close to be as pretty as this charming 50 years old actor! Sorry, Ex-Actor... Cough Cough.



AKA NEWSTARBORNE or ADRIAN ADAMS is pretty much the most despised pedo on the entire site. He's been banned more times than he himself can count to due to posting inappropriate images and talking about inappropriate nonsense re: pedos. We'll spare you the details because it's really that bad. He's been known to make accounts of Malaysian women he adds to himself so he doesn't appear to be as pathetic as he really is and yet still believes he is "the man". Frequenting Australia chat, Lesbian chat, and Uncensored chat, he picks on women like a coward which always backfires when a group of them whoop his ass shortly thereafter. Note: His image has been known to cause viewers to become hysterical with laughter due to his crocs, hotpants, baldness, and while skipping rope. Double dutch anyone?


Smiley200 AKA SqirrelSquad

AKA SQUIRRELSQUAD - Textbook definition of a catfish. This 46 year old plumber from Texas who goes by the name "Patrick" isn't your typical catfish troll though. He has the ability to annoy people like no other can. Most typical lines spoken are "you're jealous of my beauty" or even more ironic "ur stupid, fat, and ugly" quickly followed by "I hate you all!" One time a complete stranger asked if he was playing dumb or really that obtuse as Smiley replied "What's obtuse? =S"

CAUTION: Smiley has admitted to being a catfish just to score "D" pics off dudes. As sad and creepy as that is, it makes sense because who in their right mind is going to show their D to an old guy? Like, nobody.



AKA ICUN AKA DRAKALO AKA Cavin Adinugraha - A lurking screencapper which spends hours recording videos of chatrooms while ranting about chatters on youtube & Facebook. In addition to making tons of accounts with images of white guys he probably wishes he was but tells people it's really him anyway, he also tries to troll people but due to his FOB accent and poor language skills, he just ends up getting trolled as his insults backfire. People like Nadiv are the reason why places like Facebook and Chathour have the option to set things and content to private as when he's around, you're gonna need it. Well, that and some pepperspray perhaps.

Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride2999

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Simply put, a jackass wannabe e-thug. We'll let his Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride299 Urban Dictionary definition speak for itself...