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lol murder.
Now in gif form.

Chechclear is a video of the lulzy and agonizing beheading of a Russian soldier. In the beautiful tradition of 3guys1hammer a gruesome cry of agony is heard from the dying man as a knife is driven into his neck and sawed back and forth until his head is dismembered. His head/trophy is then picked up by the hair to add a final artistic touch to what is truly a work of art.

This video goes for 16 seconds and is a run-down of the glorious Chechen celebration. There is apparently a much more hilarious, 5 minute version which is much funnier but sadly impossible to find. Apparently in that one, his captors beat and humiliate him for several minutes before they slide his neck down the sharp slippery slide of lol.

The guy that got butchered was Yevgeny Rodionov (Евгений Родионов), and was 19 years old when killed. He is now declared a saint since he got martyred for Christianity.

On 13 February 1996, while stationed at a border post with fellow soldiers Andrei Trusov, Igor Yakovlev and Alexander Zheleznova, some ancient looking piece of shit ambulance was stopped for a routine check. The only un-routine thing was that the Ambulance was short on paramedics and wounded and big on guys with beards and AK-47′s, working for a Brigadier-General “of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria”, Ruslan Hayhoroeva.
Private Rodionov and his three fellow soldiers found themselves ambushed by these hairy Chechens and were taken away as captives in an ambulance full of bearded guys with machine guns.

Chechclear 2: Electric Boogaloo

This video shows six recruits separated from their unit in Chechnya, a completely different incident. Part four of this video could be Muslims dancing around headless corpses for all we know. The guys in the video who killed the six soldiers were all tracked down and killed later by Russian special forces or sent to prison (where they died lol). The guy involved in Chechclear was abducted along with three other comrades and butchered/shot eventually, after a prolonged period as prisoners.

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