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Photo is fake shop job. You made the cheerleader cry you mean cyberbullies. Enjoy the LULZ.

Cheerleaders are are breed of bitch that come in two types: the ultra-preppy retards with bad attitudes that think they're cool and the ultra-nice one's that might actually be cool if they weren't so loyal to the ultra-preppy ones, and if they didn't cry over almost anything. Cheerleaders in high school get fapped by the entire school handegg team.

Cheerleaders on the internet

Since most cheerleaders are girls, with the exception of a few male cheerleaders, the internet should theoretically be completely absent of cheerleaders. That said, a real cheerleader on the internet may reference it somewhere, and may even upload pictures of herself/her squad in uniform somewhere, but probably won't spam entire forums and websites about being a cheerleader. Unless of course she's an attention whore, or if she's just plain stupid.

That said, if it weren't for Instagram and Facebook, it may be very difficult to tell a cheerleader on the internet from any other 16 year old girl or 12 year old girl, unless you're a stalker. Or if you're a 1337 h4xx0r with access into her personal computer. Or if you know her IRL. But you probably don't know any girls IRL, otherwise you wouldn't be fapping to camwhores on the interwebz.

However, every 16 year old girl sees a need to post every detail of her pathetic life on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Therefore, it is very likely that one would find oodles of posts about a cheerleader going to sporting events, competitions, and cheerleading practice on these websites, as well as information about how awesome her boyfriend is, and then two days later how terrible he is. As if anybody gives a shit.

Trolling on TOW

A ditsy trolling cheerleader proudly declaring herself as such? HOORAY FOR LEMON BAY!!!!111

On January 28, 2008, someone claiming to be a cheerleader registered an account on Wikipedia named LBHS Cheerleader. The person proceeded to use the account to replace the contents of other schools' articles with "HOORAY FOR LEMON BAY!". LBHS Cheerleader ended up being referenced at Wikipedia's Long Term Abuse page. Since then, many sockpuppets have spawned and been blocked, and other vandals have vandalized articles on Wikipedia and other wikis claiming to be a cheerleader at Lemon Bay High School, making LBHS Cheerleader an internet meme of sorts, despite only being a mediocre vandal. The entry for LBHS Cheerleader has since been removed from the Long Term Abuse page. Whether or not LBHS Cheerleader was really a cheerleader no one knows, but it's been speculated that "it" is not.

Cheerleaders IRL

IRL, cheerleaders, are usually well respsected and well liked. It's also why it goes to a lot of their heads. Some cheerleaders think because they are cheerleaders that it somehow makes them awesome. These ones are usually sluts and end up getting knocked up and get STDs from the dirty dicks of 13 year old boys. The ultra-preppy one's often dye their hair blond. They tend to think that people actually care if they get mad, or that people are actually afraid of their teenaged boyfriend or parents. Therefore, they are perfect trolling targets. In reality, ultra-preppy cheerleaders are the queens of phail.

Another type of cheerleader is the ultra-nice one's. They usually receive even more respect than the ultra-preppy ones, and will be friends with almost anybody, even someone as pathetic as you. These are the type that give fat losers a boner, making them think they are something special because they have a friend that is a cheerleader. However, they cry over almost anything, and continue to cry until someone tells them how awesome they are. Some of them are emo.


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