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Chemobear will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

chemobear in all his glory
File:Real chemobear.jpg
we found out there is actually a real chemobear
variations of the meme

Chemobear is meme that originated from some faggot on gawker (eeeeaaii) after a police department in California issued a public service notice on pedobear.

This nigger said and I quote

"Although the Bulletin is weirdly written (as if Pedobear is an actual being?) I have to say I don't completely disagree with the SLO police department in this case. I understand that 'the pedobear thing' is a joke. My question is -- since when is pedophilia funny? I think if anything about it is funny, then you're either a completely callous asshole or you're an actual pedophile. 4chan, especially /b/, is really a sketchy place -- it's pretty much where the worst kind of people hang out on the internet. The one time I went there (with images turned off in my browser) I saw (among lots of other nasty things) a whole in-earnest serious discussion, with dozens of participants, on the best methods to perform identity theft, "It's just a meme" is not an excuse, either. Hey, I have an even more hilarious idea -- how about "Chemo Bear." Basically this is a hairless bear who is undergoing chemotherapy for metastasized tumors all over his body. I think it would be hilarious to go on health-oriented internet forums where people are discussing their symptoms and treatments, and post pictures of "Chemo Bear." Hey, it's just an internet meme, come on! The Pedobear thing is callous and really kind of awful. There's nothing at all funny about"

Although the nigger that wrote this article didn't think of how hilarious a lot of people would think Chemo bear would be. A few threads were made calling for justice for Pedobear, and were quickly 404'd by the Mods, Finally draft for the official Chemobear began, lots of examples were made. But in the end one was picked.

Some fag who called himself Familyman made up a knowyourmeme page and parts of this one, he also tried to 1manraid a cancerforum. He failed.

An alternative version.


After all the templates were made anonymous made a discovery that a chemobear actually existed, and thus a zoom in of her face was made showing she had fucked up eyes, like the kind you see on chemobear. coincidence? I think not. I suggest that we raid the facebook page of the real chemobear with our chemobear

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