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The God himself!

Chief (Devin Bharath) is an autistic fifteen year old Canadian script-kiddie. Devin currently resides in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada with his mother and the rest of his family excluding his dead step-father, whom died of cancer. Although Devin lives in Canada, he is an adopted orphan who had previously lived in Washington, USA. It is thought that his biological parents were most-likely black heroin addicts. Despite his parents being low-lifes, it is incredibly simple to see why they would have put Devin up for adoption.

It is a well-known fact that Devin is an all-around failure at social engineering, packeting, and life in general. He is a part of the packeting-group of script-kiddies known as LizardSquad along with his boyfriends Zeekill, Misnar, and Vinnie. Together, they try to use a botnet of hacked routers to packet Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, and many other online gaming services bringing their online egos to an all time high!

I'm not who you think I am


Early Hacking Career

At first, Devin started on the alias Thought and registered on LeakForums, a shitty forum filled with toddlers who waste their parent's money on screen-names for social media. Devin claimed to have studied his fair share of packeting there, which, in his words, made him a master at performing Layer 7 DDoS attacks. After realizing he could not operate a botnet, Devin tried to take up social engineering. He made a Skype account and added all of his internet friends, who claimed that they were master social-engineers. This resulted in him joining a script-kiddie team full of other toddlers called Team Apparition. However, an excessive amount of internet doxing wars resulted in his dox being publicly released. When this happened, Devin had quit his Thought alias.

I'm currently wanting $50,000 in Bitcoin otherwise this entire block gets blown-up by BLU-118 thermobaric napalm bombs.


Beginning of a Legacy

Without having eAttention, Devin was slowly dying. This resulted in him returning on a new alias, Chief. At first, Chief denied that he was Devin, although, any individual with the brain-capacity of an uneducated African could have figured this out. After honing his newly learned skills he befriended an overweight former member of HTP, KMS. Chief had thought he was the master troll. With his ego raging hard, he made many embarassing attempts to troll many such as KMS, Erebus, Sequel, and Starfall. After trying to own Starfall, seen here, Devin had gotten his website rooted three times, in addition, to getting his updated dox released. Because of this, Devin turned to self-harm becoming the ultimate emo faggot.

H20 lean same thing


Current Life

Devin hangs around on skype and his twitter like an attention-seeking bulimic girl. He enjoys posting pictures of airsoft guns with captions indicating that he wants to shoot people proving that he is the ultimate schizophrenic moron. He often attempts to talk like a nigger but just gets laughed at because everyone knows that he is a muslim. From time to time, you will find him taking credit for the LizardSquad DDoS attacks, which are a joke to begin with.


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