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Chimera Synx is the satanic hellspawn fursona of some gawth weaboo who has an internet connection. The fursona of the Synx is supposed to be some kind of Jew, it has been suggested that the Synx is also jewish. The Synx has gone undetected as a lolcow on many loldars, however its creator's unwarranted self importance has lately led to lulz such as the Synx wiki, a wiki dedicated to a fursona where she writes about stuff that no one cares about. While Chimera Synx has been an active yiff-monger of furaffinity since 2005, it is only recently that people have taken notice to how fucking creepy it is.

What is Synx?

The Chimera Synx, given the "scientific name" foetus fortiscoda, may appear to be Zalgo's fucked up and retarded relative, the internet would reveal that the Synx is just gawth weaboo's ripoff of another gay fursona with a vore fetish.

Even Hellen Keller could see that synx is a blatant copyfur of Sergal.


The few differences are that, instead of being a stupid wolf-human the synx is a stupid wolf-eel from outerspace. Unlike the stupid wolf-human though, Chimera Synx actually cared enough to write a very stupid detail about the fursona. Chimera Synx has been seen acting like a loner in very predictable places on the internet, including the wiki she made for herself. On the wiki she goes into detail about the social behaviors, anatomy, origin, and diet of the synx. Here you can learn that the synx has one big dick for a body, preys on small boys, and can contort its body for one awesome game of twister. Currently there are no other Synxes on the interwebs because even on the internet, no one wants to be his friend. In all actuality, a Synx is at the same level as sonichu, if Chris-Chan was a paranoid schizophrenic. TL;DR, wimmin need to stay in the kitchen or they go on the internet and draw fucked up parasitic space-ferrets.

Every furry has their fetish, for Chimera Synx it happens to be vore. Synx, being a vorefag likes to draw her stupid fursona in fucked up sexual situations while ingesting people/creatures. Not only does she draw them ingesting, but vomiting up failed prey, which gets her off even more.

Did You Know?

The synx are a parasitic eel from an uncharted area of space. They are cold blooded, energy-conserving animals that lack all evidence of a gender. It is unknown how they reproduce, since the act has never been witnessed. The existence of this species is only tolerated on worlds where their exploits aren't known.


—Chimera Synx

Did you know parasitic alien eels just LOVE manga?

The Snooge

One day Satan decided Chimera Synx's yiff wasn't disturbing enough so he had her create something so fucked up that even guro fans would cringe, the result was The Snooge. The Snooge is a female man-eating one-eyed-wonder-weasel in the most literal sense, an 8.5 foot tall, one-eyed, ferret, that only eats people. The anatomy of The Snooge is pretty demented, its boobs are right above its vagina and it has 4 slits on its chest where it breathes and gives awesome head.

Words are actually exhaled out through these same orifices, but because there is no lips or tongue to work with, these words remain extremely basic and usually stick to three word sentences; think caveman talk.


Chimera Synx talking about Snooge anatomy

For some ambiguous reason The Snooge also has to wear an eyepatch, probably due to all of its buttpiracy.

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