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aelius is looney neo-con love

One of many conservative internet tough guys, Lj-favicon.png aelius is best known for his spiteful, rage-filled rants in the LJ Conservatism community.

Aelius is famed for his racism, bigotry, and his bouts of drunkenness, which are the best times to debate him. He will either be much less hostile, or incensed to the point of near riot, both of which are amusing on a slow night. It is believed that he has not yet been banned from conservatism for this reason. Fortunately, next to nobody takes him seriously anymore. Even conservatism regulars often tell him to STFU.

Little is known about chirogrl, his wife; however, what knowledge we do have is exactly what one expects from someone who agreed to stick by aelius till death do they part. A conservative Christian chiropractor, she was violently ejected from Lj-favicon.png weddingplans following a rant about how she was "so sick of hearing about all the gays getting married, and do we really have to allow lesbians in here?" She is widely credited for inspiring the formerly agnostic aelius to convert to fundamentalist Christianity overnight.

It's like they just molded together into one crazy freak of a person.


—rant_about_cons member

When levenator was made a mod of conservatism, aelius posted a lengthy rant in protest on February 19, 2005. The post earned over 350 comments, most of which called him a raging douche. In typical fashion, he duly deleted the entire post hours later.

Aelius and chirogrl are expecting their first child, who has the sympathies of liberals, libertarians, and conservatives alike. He/she is expected to become either a Democrat, homosexual, an atheist, or some combination of the three.

As with most far-right conservo-freaks, he has some sockpuppets on hand. Aliases include Lj-favicon.png billybumbleroy, Lj-favicon.png stoned_hippie and Lj-favicon.png happy_fun_ball.