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Chix0r her(it)self shown in her garb of totally-not-dykish leather while handling her amazing :lock:whip of doom.

Chix0r, (currently fourteenthstar) the only EVAR (or first EVAR) female on the internet, is a thirty-year-old (closet heterosexual) lesbian female currently thriving in the United Kingdom, most likely somewhere in Wales.

She is was the feared "Director of Community Relations" (a role she stole from the greatly loved King $Lolly) on the popular (t)art site DevianTART. Her career began there when she joined last Thursday, either in disguise as a man, or wearing her favourite dykey Nazi uniform. Once on the site she managed to seduce $Tachy-on with her butchness (he's the gay on dA), whom then decided to aid her in her evil, evil, evil plan to overthrow $Lolly. (See below.)

Once in power, she and her fellow "lesbians" (they're actually just men in makeup - $Heidi; $Moonbeam13) all became best friends and lived happily ever after founded the feminazi movement on dA, killing off all male admins or turning them gay through the use of their resident fag $Tachy-on - one example of this faggotry is PurpelBlur, who used to be so cool till they got to him.

"fucking nazi", "idiot admin", "stupid assholes don't like nudity" (wtf???? lol) or the best one yet... "they're jealous of my art skillz so they remove it".


—Chix0r, complaining about the TOTALLY UNFOUNDED criticism of her administrative style.

Currently Chix0r is continuing her reign of terror, now turning the once much loved forums into a fascism-hole. She's also launched a new campaign of hatred on the proletariat, now using her Lesbian-help-desk-pawns to ban every member that even looks at them funny. Of course, her evil totalitarian scheme could not be carried out by just the adminz alone, this is why she decided to create the *gaspshockhorror* the [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!11111one!111!!

Currently her page is empty from all content, and she is now a senior member and no longer staff. therefor it is safe to assume that she was fired.

Art and Account Issues

Chix0r, being the responsible admin she is, simply gives up.

On Feb. 3, 2009, Chix0r posted a very lulz worthy journal entry showing some more of the cracks in her armor of psychosis. After Realitysquared posted earlier that tracing was acceptable on deviantART, much wailing was issued forth. As community director, chix0r rose to the occasion and informed the community they were idiots and she doesn't have to listen to them.

New Faggotry

chix0r, once again proving that the quickest way to a peaceful resolution to conflict is by fanning the flames further, while insulting the intelligence of the opposition. Classy!

Recently (July 10, 2010), ol' chix0r took a shine to a delightful young man by the name of MathewLove, who was experiencing many stressful comments in relation to some pictures. in his gallery

The average user was undoubtedly outraged at the sight of boycock, and trolled Mathew into oblivion. (Some speculate that Mathew himself is a troll, but he has yet to make an outright statement to verify this.)

After seeing all the extremely mean comments being flung at this poor, innocent user, she immediately did the first thing her small, attention-whoring mind could think of.

She made a DeviantArt Journal entry about it.

Proving that she's not to be outdone in the field of spreading drama and faggotry, she sought to try and claim some of the attention that this forum post was generating. Continue the argument found within for great lulz coming from both sides of the fence.

In typical chix0rian fashion, she proceeds to blindly champion her cause, while ignoring all opposition, under the false pretense that she is somehow better than everybody else. Hordes of her watchers come to her aide to intercept the ensuing shitstorm (because god knows she can't be bothered to lift a finger to do anything around the site.) As this is very current drama, it is impossible to predict how this will all play out, but in the end, one thing is certain:

Chix0r has once again proven what an unprofessional, ignorant old twat she really is.

"I've asked a number of staff and deviants about these images and nobody tells me that they found them arousing in the slightest".


—Chix0r, proving that if you don't find it arousing, neither will shotacat

The Great dA Cractivation 2010/11

Chix0r is also known for her fantastic way of handling the copious hackings of devianTART users. Many accounts were reported to have been hacked or cracked yet the staff refused to admit there was a problem. It was only after a popular TARTlet was targeted that the staff decided to do something about it by restoring his account. This caused much lulz, drama and raeg amongst regular TARTlets.

In the face of such community anger, Chix0r consorted with her friends and they came up with a HQ blog to appease the masses. This didn't quite work to their advantage however, as users flocked to the page to discuss their feelings. Drama ensued with Chix0r basically calling everyone idiots and telling them that the staff had only just figured out how to reactivate accounts thus proving yet again that she is a fantastic staffie.


Chix0r has apparently also blackmailed another TARTlet's attempt at making the site better trolling the administration and forced her to deactivate her account.


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Her gallery.

What isn't pr0n is some horribly shopped photo with some kind of colored tentacles growing everywhere, just like a really bad jap-rape anime movie.


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